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'Alien: Covenant' Review: 'Prometheus' Sequel Proves Ridley Scott Still Got It + Great Dual Michael Fassbender

Alien: Covenant review: Michael Fassbender plays android brothers David and Walter in this effective sequel to Ridley Scott's muddled Prometheus. 'Alien: Covenant' review: Recapturing 'some of the excitement, awe, and horror' of 1979 original Before we get to Alien: Covenant, a rant about its predecessor, Prometheus. The problem with Ridley […]

'Hop' vs. 'Insidious': Rocker Bunny Beats Evil Spirits

Your Highness: Box office bomb with James Franco and Danny McBride. April 15 update: Hop, featuring James Marsden and the voice of Russell Brand, remained at the top of the North American box office chart on Thursday, April 14, earning $831k according to Box Office Mojo. Since Rio is opening […]

'Land of the Lost' Movie: Chaka & Will Ferrell + Arthur Conan Doyle

Land of the Lost movie with Will Ferrell. 'Last of the Lost' movie images with Anna Friel & Will Ferrell Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, and Danny McBride star as, respectively, has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, research assistant Holly, and redneck survivalist Will in the big-screen reboot of the 1970s television series Land […]