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'The Fixer' Movie: Preachy & Simple-Minded Drama About the Politics of Anti-Semitism

'The Fixer' movie cast: Alan Bates, Dirk Bogarde and Ian Holm (background left) in political drama about the persecution of Jews in Czarist Russia. 'The Fixer' movie review: 1968 anti-Semitism political drama wrecked by cast, direction and its own good intentions In 1969, director John Frankenheimer declared that he felt […]

Dirk Bogarde: 'Victim' Actor Letters Took No Prisoners

Dirk Bogarde: 'Victim' star took no prisoners in his letters to Dilys Powell Letters exchanged between film critic Dilys Powell and actor Dirk Bogarde – one of the most popular and respected British performers of the twentieth century, and the star of seminal movies such as Victim, The Servant, Darling, […]

Gay Sex & Blackmail: 'Victim' & 'The Best Man' + 'Advise and Consent'

Sylvia Syms, Dirk Bogarde in Basil Dearden's Victim 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan is in the news today because of viciously anti-gay remarks he made while performing a comedy routine in Tennessee, a state where gays and lesbians have seen their civil rights attacked by right-wing Christians/Republicans on various fronts. Coincidentally, […]

Dirk Bogarde Movies

Strangely, Dirk Bogarde never became a major star in the United States. I'm sure he was well known in the US in the '50s and '60s, but he wasn't the superstar he was in Britain or the top star he was internationally. Perhaps Bogarde just didn't care for Hollywood stardom […]

Joseph Losey Movies: bfi Schedule

Dirk Bogarde, James Fox in The Servant (top); The Damned (bottom) “Among the greatest things that happened to British cinema were the arrival on our shores of the Korda brothers in the 30s, Losey in the 50s and Kubrick in the 60s,” reads the introduction to an upcoming Joseph Losey […]

Dirk Bogarde Letters Revisited

In The Guardian, Simon Callow reviews Ever Dirk: The Bogarde Letters, a collection of letters written by Dirk Bogarde and edited by John Coldstream, former books editor at the Daily Telegraph: “The collection of letters (a mere eighth of his surviving epistolary output, and who knows how much was lost […]