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'A Woman of Paris': Charles Chaplin Goes (Effectively) Dramatic

A Woman of Paris stars a fashion-conscious Edna Purviance. I must admit that I'm not a fan of Charles Chaplin's comedies. Heresies aside, I did very much enjoy Chaplin's dramatic A Woman of Paris, an attempt to turn his frequent leading lady Edna Purviance into a star. Despite rumors to the […]

'The Kid' Movie: Charles Chaplin & Jackie Coogan Sentimental Comedy

The Kid movie with Charles Chaplin and Jackie Coogan. Although I have never been much of a Charles Chaplin fan, The Kid is one sweet picture. In fact, it is the only Chaplin vehicle I would want to see over again. The story, also penned by Chaplin, is simple: a […]

'Yellow Face' in Hollywood + Tom Cruise & Meryl Streep & Robert Redford: AFI FEST

“Yellow face” in Hollywood movies: Paul Muni is a Jewish-Austrian-Hungarian Chinese in The Good Earth. Today it'd have been simpler. Muni would have been merely a Jewish-Ukrainian Chinese. Hollywood Chinese, Arthur Dong's documentary about the portrayal of Chinese and Chinese-Americans in Hollywood films, will have its Los Angeles premiere at […]

How to Sell Your Soul: Must-See Long-Thought-Lost Classic Resurfaces in Restored Print

Souls for Sale with Eleanor Boardman and Barbara La Marr. Long before Hollywood became the target of relentless political attacks for being out of touch with the values of God-fearing, mom-loving, apple-pie-eating Americans, Sodom-on-the-Pacific was the favorite target of U.S. religious and “conservative” social leaders – which could have resulted in […]