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Ricardo Cortez: Remembering the 'Latin Lover Threat' to Rudolph Valentino & Star of Original 'The Maltese Falcon'

Ricardo Cortez biography The Magnificent Heel: The Life and Films of Ricardo Cortez. Dan Van Neste's book covers the life and career of Paramount's “Latin Lover” threat to a recalcitrant Rudolph Valentino; one who would later portray a sly, seductive Sam Spade in the original – and highly enjoyable – […]

Charles Brackett Diaries: Gay Rumors Quashed, Troubled Billy Wilder Partnership

'Sunset Blvd.,' with Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond: Final Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder collaboration. The Charles Brackett Diaries: Gay Rumors quashed, troubled Billy Wilder partnership discussed in Q&A with Anthony Slide See previous post: “Charles Brackett Diaries: Politics and Gossip During the Studio Era.” First of all, how did […]

Adolphe Menjou Movies: Old Hollywood's Low-Grade Urbane Charmer

Adolphe Menjou: 'Debonair' style on screen, boorish right-wing politics off screen. Adolphe Menjou movies today: Actor was known for 'suave' characterizations on-screen and boorish right-wing politics off-screen Despite countless stories to the contrary, numerous silent film performers managed to survive the coming of sound. Yet Adolphe Menjou, the embodiment of […]

Honorary Award: Marlene Dietrich & Rita Hayworth Among Women 'Snubbed' by Academy

Honorary Award non-winner Marlene Dietrich. Honorary Award: Academy 'snubbed' Gloria Swanson & Rita Hayworth + Marlene Dietrich & dozens of other women (See previous post: “Honorary Oscars: Doris Day, Danielle Darrieux 'Snubbed.'”) A sizable chunk of part three of this three-part article about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and […]

Claudette Colbert, Miriam Hopkins & Gloria Swanson: Cinefest

William Gargan, Miriam Hopkins, Jack La Rue in Stephen Roberts' The Story of Temple Drake Cinefest 2011, a four-day festival of rare American films, kicked off earlier today in Syracuse, NY. According to organizers, Cinefest features “great films … from the vaults of the world's greatest libraries and obscure specialties […]

Henry Fonda & Julie Christie + Roman Polanski & Jack Palance: Oscar Comebacks

Adrien Brody in Roman Polanski's The Pianist Major Oscar Comebacks Below is a list of 28 actors and directors who had to wait 20 years or more for the next Academy Award nomination in their respective categories, i.e., actors/acting categories; directors/Best Direction category. That's why Henry Fonda is listed first […]

Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Gloria Swanson, Lauren Bacall: NYPL's “High Fashion in the Movies” Series

Julie Andrews, Gloria Swanson, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, Linda Darnell, George Hamilton, Melvyn Douglas, and Louise Brooks are some of the female and male clotheshorses on parade in the New York Public Library's Performing Arts film series “Not Off the Rack: High Fashion in the Movies,” which kicks off on […]

Gloria Swanson 'The Trespasser': Rare Academy Screening

Mother love and melodrama in The Trespasser: Purnell Pratt, Gloria Swanson, and Robert Ames, who would die two years after this film was made. Author Cari Beauchamp will talk about the convoluted personal and professional relationship between actress Gloria Swanson and producer Joseph P. Kennedy (right) in a program featuring […]

Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino: 1920s 'Lost Film' 'Beyond the Rocks' Screening

Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino: 'Lost' 1920s movie 'Beyond the Rock's Los Angeles screening Starring Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino, the long thought lost 1922 movie Beyond the Rocks will be the second presentation in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' “Lost and Found” film series. This romantic […]