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'About a Boy': Hugh Grant Tragically Discovers His Inner Family Man

About a Boy movie with bon vivant Hugh Grant and Baby: 'No man has the right to be an island' message. 'About a Boy' movie review: Some men should remain islands On the surface, Chris and Paul Weitz's 2002 movie About a Boy has a profound, affecting premise. No man is […]

Marisa Tomei, Hugh Grant Movie Filming in New York

Marisa Tomei, Hugh Grant romantic comedy in the works Marc Lawrence's as-yet untitled, New York-set romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei began principal photography yesterday, producer Martin Shafer announced. (Image: Marisa Tomei.) The plot is as follows (from the film's press release): In 1998, Keith […]

'Avatar': James Cameron Fantasy Is Global Blockbuster But December Record Goes Unbroken

Avatar: James Cameron directed and wrote the environmentally conscious futuristic action-adventure fantasy known as Avatar, a 3D extravaganza that has captured the imagination of popcorn-gobbling moviegoers the world over. British-born, Australian-raised actor Sam Worthington stars as paraplegic U.S. marine Jake Sully, who, once on the planet of Pandora, goes – […]