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Emmy Nominations: Bette Davis & Joan Crawford In - By Proxy

In case you're wondering about the title of this 2017 Emmy nominations post, think Feud: Bette and Joan. Lawsuit or no – Davis friend Olivia de Havilland is at it – Feud can be found 11 times in the list below. Best Comedy Atlanta (FX) black-ish (ABC) Master of None […]

'Mildred Pierce' 1945: Joan Crawford 'Terrific' in Film Noir or Melodrama?

Joan Crawford in 'Mildred Pierce': Best Actress Oscar winner enjoyed a triumphant comeback. 'Mildred Pierce' 1945 movie review: Very entertaining 'soap opera' Time has a way of making some films seem grander than they really are. A good example is Mildred Pierce, the 1945 black-and-white melodrama directed by Casablanca's Michael […]

Joan Crawford Movies: 'The Women' 1939, Banned Christian-Themed Drama

Joan Crawford: Ambitious, driven Movie Star. Joan Crawford movies on TCM: Underrated actress, top star in several of her greatest roles If there was ever a professional who was utterly, completely, wholeheartedly dedicated to her craft, Joan Crawford was it. Ambitious, driven, talented, smart, obsessive, calculating, she had whatever it […]

Olivia de Havilland Movies: 'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte' as Favor to Bette Davis

Olivia de Havilland as Lady Marian in 'The Adventures of Robin Hood.' Olivia de Havilland on TCM: Your chance to watch 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' for the 384th time Olivia de Havilland is Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” star today, Aug. 2, '15. The two-time Best Actress […]

'Humoresque' 1946: Joan Crawford Saves Boxing vs. Violin-Playing Melodrama

'Humoresque': Joan Crawford and John Garfield. 'Humoresque' 1946: Saved by Joan Crawford Directed by Jean Negulesco from a screenplay by Clifford Odets and Zachary Gold (loosely based on a Fannie Hurst short story), Humoresque always frustrates me because its first 25 minutes are excruciatingly boring – until Joan Crawford finally […]

Racist '12 Years a Slave' Posters? + Bette Davis & Joan Crawford Shower Curtains Are Watching You

“Racist” 12 Years a Slave Italian poster? That's Brad Pitt – instead of lead Chiwetel Ejiofor – in Steve McQueen's 12 anni schiavo. But is this poster truly racist, as social media hysteria would have us believe, or merely another instance of lack of truth in advertising? Along with David […]

Joan Crawford Longtime Friend/Personal Assistant Dies

Joan Crawford, Cliff Robertson, Autumn Leaves Betty Barker (photo), Joan Crawford's longtime personal assistant, died last Jan. 27 in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles-born (Sept. 30, 1916) Barker was 95 years old. According to a paid obituary published in the Los Angeles Times, Barker grew up in the L.A. suburb […]

Joan Crawford Movies: 'Mildred Pierce,' 'Flamingo Road'

Joan Crawford (right, in Daisy Kenyon) is Turner Classic Movies' next “Summer Under the Stars” star. On Monday, August 22, TCM will be showing 13 Joan Crawford movies, in addition to Peter Fitzgerald's documentary Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star, narrated by Anjelica Huston. (Curiously, Crawford is nowhere to be […]

'Planet of the Apes' & Joan Crawford: Packard Campus

Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum, Ramon Novarro in Don Siegel's The Big Steal Judy Garland would have turned 89 today. It goes without saying that Garland is one of the stars featured in the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation's June 2011 schedule. Unfortunately, the Garland screening of […]

'Possessed' Movie Review: Brilliant Joan Crawford as Woman on the Verge

Van Heflin, Joan Crawford, Possessed From the moment we see her shuffling across town in a comatose stupor to the homicidal climax, Possessed is Joan Crawford's picture all the way. And once you get past some of its contrived psychobabble, this Curtis Bernhardt-directed melodrama is also one of her best. […]

'Fade Out Fade In': Racial Tensions & Hollywood Mansions + Right-Wing Pro-War Propaganda

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Set in the transitional 1960s, “Fade Out, Fade In” is the next episode of the TCM miniseries Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood. Directed by Stanley Kramer, whose career took off in the post-World War II years, […]

Joan Crawford 'Mildred Pierce' Academy Screening & Ann Blyth to Attend

Joan Crawford, Ann Blyth, Mildred Pierce Mildred Pierce, Michael Curtiz's film noir/family melodrama, earned Joan Crawford her only – and thoroughly deserved – Academy Award. The Oscar-nominated 1945 classic, which also features Ann Blyth, Zachary Scott, Jack Carson, Eve Arden, and Bruce Bennett, will be the next feature in the […]

Monsters & Porn Stars + Joan Crawford & Kristen Stewart: Eclectic SXSW Movies

SXSW Film Festival line-up The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival has announced the complete feature lineup for this year's Festival, March 12 – 20, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Over the course of nine days, 119 features will screen at the festival, with 55 of those having their […]

National Film Registry: Lesbian Western & Asian-American Musical Among Entries

Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford. One of the December 2008 additions to the U.S. Library of Congress' National Film Registry is Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar. The 1954 psychological Western stars Joan Crawford, by then a three-decade film veteran, as Arizona cattle town saloon keeper Vienna; Sterling Hayden as the strong […]

'Rain': Joan Crawford & Walter Huston in Sex vs. Religion Drama

Rain (1932) Dir.: Lewis Milestone. Scr.: Maxwell Anderson; from John Colton and Clemence Randolph's play, adapted from W. Somerset Maugham's short story “Miss Thompson.” Cast: Joan Crawford, Walter Huston, William Gargan, Beulah Bondi, Guy Kibbee, Matt Moore, Walter Catlett     The first thing you notice in the credits of […]

'This Woman Is Dangerous': Joan Crawford & Dennis Morgan

This Woman Is Dangerous (1952) Dir.: Felix E. Feist. Scr.: Daniel Mainwaring (as Geoffrey Homes) and George Worthing Yates; from Bernard Girard's story “Stab of Pain.” Cast: Joan Crawford, Dennis Morgan, David Brian, Mari Aldon, Richard Webb, Philip Carey, Ian MacDonald, George Chandler     Despite the fact that it […]

'The Damned Don't Cry': Joan Crawford Gets Tough

The Damned Don't Cry movie review: Best post-Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford star vehicle at Warner Bros. Directed by Vincent Sherman (Old Acquaintance, Mr. Skeffington), the torrid 1950 potboiler The Damned Don't Cry is my favorite post-Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford star vehicle at Warner Bros. (Image: Kent Smith, David Brian, Joan […]

STRAIT-JACKET: Joan Crawford Movie Review

Strait-Jacket: Joan Crawford axe-murderer movie review “From the director of Homicidal, the author of Psycho, and the co-star of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” reads the byline for producer-director William Castle's 1964 thriller Strait-Jacket. Although I've seen this Joan Crawford movie dozens of times, I still go back to […]

'The Story of Esther Costello': Joan Crawford Drama

The Story of Esther Costello (1957) Dir.: David Miller. Scr.: Charles Kaufman; from Nicholas Monsarrat's novel. Cast: Joan Crawford, Rossano Brazzi, Heather Sears, Lee Patterson, Ron Randell, Fay Compton, John Loder, Denis O'Dea, Sid James, Bessie Love   As Margaret Landi, Joan Crawford gets top billing in The Story of […]

'Berserk!': Joan Crawford in Tights in Cult Horror Classic

A delightfully daffy freak show on the surface, underneath Berserk! could play as a 1940s Woman's Picture: Hard-as-nails female circus owner stops at nothing to get business for her show. Also, the garish Technicolor, cast of circus freaks, and blood-and-gore theme make it an exploitation film at its best. And […]

Joan Crawford Q&A with Neil Maciejewski

Some have called her the greatest movie star ever, but even if that's a sort of exaggeration – how does one measure stardom-ness? – Joan Crawford most likely is the film performer who worked most assiduously and for the longest time on creating and maintaining the image of the movie […]

Franchot Tone Biographer Discusses Oscar-Nominated Actor & Joan Crawford Husband

If remembered at all, the name Franchot Tone usually comes up only when someone lists Joan Crawford's series of husbands. Never mind the fact that Franchot Tone appeared in about 60 films, countless plays, and dozens of television shows. Though never a major Hollywood star, Franchot Tone (born in Niagara […]

Vincent Sherman Dead at 99: Directed Bette Davis, Joan Crawford

Vincent Sherman dead at 99: Director guided Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Ida Lupino (image: Bette Davis in 'Mr. Skeffington') Vincent Sherman, the director of glossy Warner Bros. star vehicles of the '40s and early '50s for the likes of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Ida Lupino, and Ann Sheridan, died of […]

Henry Farrell: 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' Author Dies

Author Henry Farrell, whose Grand Guignol tales What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and What Ever Happened to Cousin Charlotte? were successfully adapted for the screen in the 1960s, died after a long illness on March 29 at his home in Pacific Palisades. He was 85. The California-born (Sep. 27, […]

Joan Crawford Young and Middle-Aged on DVD

Joan Crawford young and middle-aged on DVD Joan Crawford, unfairly misremembered as a maternal ogress with a wire-hanger fixation, was actually one of the best actresses of her era, which stretched from the mid-'20s to her final film appearance in 1970. (Image: Joan Crawford young and entrepreneurial in Mildred Pierce.) […]

'The Women' 1939 Remake with Meg Ryan?

'The Women' 1939: Rosalind Russell, Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. 'The Women' 1939 remake with Meg Ryan and Annette Bening? The Women (1939) is the best-known and best-liked version of Clare Boothe Luce's mordant all-female stage comedy, which may be headed for the big screen for the third time in […]