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'Latin Lover' - The 2nd Valentino & 1st (and Best) Sam Spade: Q&A with Ricardo Cortez Biographer Dan Van Neste

“Latin Lover” Ricardo Cortez, who went on to play a series of all-American scoundrels and criminals, in addition to similar unsavory types of other nationalities. Although never as big a star as fellow silent era screen heartthrobs Rudolph Valentino, Ramon Novarro, and John Gilbert – or fellow Pre-Code era antiheroes […]

Kay Francis & William Powell, Myrna Loy & Jean Harlow Movies: LoC Screenings

William Powell, Kay Francis, Jewel Robbery Kay Francis, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, John Barrymore, and Mary Astor are some of the stars featured in September at the Library of Congress' Packard Campus in Culpeper, Virg. Kay Francis and William Powell can be seen together in Jewel Robbery (1932), […]

'Jewel Robbery' Movie: William Powell & Kay Francis in Sparkling Pre-Code Comedy

Film scholars consider the 1932 comedy Trouble in Paradise to be the best work of actress Kay Francis. I disagree. Francis was good in everything she did – and if one particular performance could be named her best, that would be found in another 1932 release, the romantic melodrama One […]

Scott O'Brien Discusses Kay Francis at Silver Screen Audio

At Silver Screen Audio, Scott O'Brien discusses his book, Kay Francis, I Can't Wait To Be Forgotten. Following a relatively brief stint in the early 1930s at Paramount, where she co-starred with Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins in Ernst Lubitsch's 1932 classic comedy Trouble in Paradise, Kay Francis became one […]