'Refusenik': Q&A with Director Laura Bialis

Laura Bialis' documentary Refusenik chronicles the thirty-year grassroots movement to free Soviet Jews. (Read Ella Taylor's positive – if sobering – review in The Village Voice.) Refusenik is told through the eyes of the activists, among them those then living in the Soviet Union – some of whom were punished for their efforts. Much of the material used in the documentary is exclusive, including first-ever […]

'View from the Bridge' Q&A

VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE: Part I What was it like to make a movie in Kosovo, one of the world's most volatile areas? LB: Kosovo used to be extremely volatile; production of the film was actually delayed over a year because of outbreaks of violence. When we filmed in 2005, there definitely was some tension there, but it didn't really feel that unsafe. JE: Some […]

'View from the Bridge: Stories from Kosovo': Q&A with Filmmakers John Ealer and Laura Bialis

Directed by John Ealer and Laura Bialis (above), View from the Bridge: Stories from Kosovo, described on the film's official website as “the first documentary feature about post-war Kosovo,” was recently screened at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The bridge in question is located in the town of Mitrovica, which has become a flashpoint in the ethno-cultural clashes between Muslim Albanians, Christian […]