Constance Cummings: Vastly Underrated Actress Went from Harold Lloyd to Eugene O'Neill

Constance Cummings: Actress went from minor, long-eyelashed Hollywood leading lady in Harold Lloyd and Frank Capra movies to starring in West End plays by Eugene O'Neill, Noël Coward and William Shakespeare. Constance Cummings: Vastly underrated actress should be better remembered Actress Constance Cummings, whose career spanned more than six decades on stage, in films, and on television in both the U.S. and the U.K., died […]

Raquel Welch Quotes: 'Myra Breckenridge' & Mae West

Raquel Welch quotes on Mae West: A few years ago, Raquel Welch reminisced about Mae West (photo), with whom she co-starred in 20th Century Fox's 1970 epic disaster Myra Breckinridge. “I found her surreal," Welch recalled. "Here was this star from the '30s who had this unbelievably different way of doing things. Now she's doing this movie in 1969/70, and she's never made a color […]

'My Little Chickadee': Mae West & W.C. Fields Unusual Comedy

Mae West and W.C. Fields. The teaming of these two comedy titans in My Little Chickadee must not have been very easy, but director Edward F. Cline managed to reign them in without too much scene-stealing. Both actors had giant egos and were not used to sharing the spotlight with anyone else. And although they are both credited with writing the screenplay, it is evident […]

'Go West Young Man' Movie: Mae West Lures Young & Handsome Randolph Scott

Go West Young Man with Mae West and Randolph Scott. Although it gets off to a slow start, Go West Young Man is one of Mae West's better Post-Code efforts for Paramount. Directed by Henry Hathaway and written by Mae West herself (from Lawrence Riley's play), Go West Young Man stars West (get it?) as temperamental film star Mavis Arden, who is at odds with […]

'Myra Breckinridge' Review: Raquel Welch and Mae West in Cult Classic

Myra Breckinridge. Has anybody ever said anything good about this movie? Not that it's a cinematic masterpiece or even one of the must-see worst cult movies ever made, but Myra does have its place for bad-movie lovers. The director, Michael Sarne, has to take the blame for some of the film's disjointed, confusing unevenness. From all I have read, it was his baby all the […]

'Celebrities in the 1930 Census' Q&A: Garbo & Gangsters Go Missing

'Celebrities in the 1930 Census': Amelia Earhart in, but Garbo and gangsters wanted to be left alone. 'Celebrities in the 1930 Census': Mae West and Marie Dressler find Fountain of Youth, Greta Garbo and Al Capone go missing As it says on the cover, Allan R. Ellenberger's Celebrities in the 1930 Census (McFarland, 2008) is a compilation of household data – as collected by 1930 […]

Glamorous Actresses Carole Lombard & Mae West & Marlene Dietrich + Cecil B. DeMille DVD Sets

“Glamorous actresses”: Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray in True Confession. One of the highest-paid stars of the studio era, Carole Lombard was a top-notch light comedienne usually wasted in below-par dramas and comedies. True Confession, in which she's partnered with unappealing leading man Fred MacMurray (who, curiously, would excel as vile villains), was one such near-waste of her talent. Lombard did manage to land at least one […]

Pre-Code Paramount Movies: Claudette Colbert & Mae West & Gary Cooper + Rare Early Oscar Nominee

Film Forum screenings: Claudette Colbert & Mae West + Gary Cooper Paramount Pre-Code classics “Paramount Before the Code,” consisting of more than 40 classics, semi-classics, and forgotten gems from Hollywood's little-remembered Naughty Age, will be screened at New York City's Film Forum from June 24 to July 21. The program features Paramount movies released during the years between the coming of sound in 1928 and the […]