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Wallace Beery Movies: Anomalous Hollywood Star Was Oscar Winner AND Runner-Up in Same Year

Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery in 'Min and Bill' Wallace Beery movies: TCM offers a glimpse into Beery's extensive filmography According to the IMDb, the Wallace Beery Filmography features nearly 240 movie titles, including shorts and features, spanning more than three decades, from 1913 to 1949 – the year of […]

Cinecon Capsule Reviews: Gender Contraints, Charles Chaplin

There was a lot of complaining about the line-up at Cinecon 2008, held on Labor Day Weekend, which was affected by the Univeral fire and other matters, including the deaths of Rusty Casselton and Bob Nudelman. Still, the films were some of the best I have seen in the Egyptian […]

Marie Dressler, Claude Rains & Anne Bancroft Movies

Monday-Wednesday, August 4-6, highlights on Turner Classic Movies: Monday is Marie Dressler Day. What could be there not to recommend? Well, Emma, for one, is an appallingly sudsy melodrama, and Dressler herself is quite weak as the nanny who gives it all – and still must pay for her (sort […]

'Celebrities in the 1930 Census' Q&A: Garbo & Gangsters Go Missing

'Celebrities in the 1930 Census': Amelia Earhart in, but Garbo and gangsters wanted to be left alone. 'Celebrities in the 1930 Census': Mae West and Marie Dressler find Fountain of Youth, Greta Garbo and Al Capone go missing As it says on the cover, Allan R. Ellenberger's Celebrities in the […]

Marie Dressler: From MGM Stardom to Lesbian Rumors | Q&A with Biographer Matthew Kennedy

Marie Dressler in Dinner at 8 It's Oscar time. What better way to celebrate the 2008 Academy Awards than by having a q&a about the best actress Oscar winner … of 1931? (Or rather, for the period 1930-31, as the Oscars in those days covered films released in the Los […]