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'Desert Nights': Enjoyable John Gilbert Adventure Dares to Ask Age-Old Philosophical Question

Desert Nights with John Gilbert and Mary Nolan: Enjoyable Sahara-set adventure – which happened to be Gilbert's last silent film – dares to ask the age-old philosophical question, “Is there honor among thieves?” John Gilbert late silent adventure 'Desert Nights' asks a question for the ages: Is there honor among […]

'J'accuse!': Abel Gance Anti-War Classic + Lon Chaney & Bimbo the Gibbon: SFSFF

J'accuse!: Abel Gance anti-war drama with Séverin-Mars. Released the year after the end of World War I, Abel Gance's 1919 anti-war French drama was a major hit in France and the U.K. Nearly two decades later, the filmmaker would rework the story; as it turned out, the second J'accuse! was released […]