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'Crash' Movie Review: Several Excellent Performances in Contrived Ethnically Conscious Drama

'Crash' movie: Ryan Phillippe as a good white Los Angeles cop with subconscious 'racist side.' 'Crash' movie review: California tossin' and turnin' Screenwriter Paul Haggis' multiple award-winning directorial debut, Crash, is set in a Los Angeles that is part Quentin Tarantino, part Paul Thomas Anderson, part Spike Lee, part Bret […]

Independent Film Spirit Awards: 'Brokeback Mountain' Tops

Independent Film Spirit Award winner 'Brokeback Mountain,' with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Independent Film Spirit Awards 2006: 'Brokeback Mountain' is Best Film Ang Lee's gay romantic drama and 2006 Academy Award favorite Brokeback Mountain won two top awards – Best Film and Best Director – at the Independent Film […]

Golden Globes vs. Oscars: Unusual Multiple Best Picture Mismatches + Palm Springs Winners

Golden Globes vs Oscars: Crash with Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon. A clear Academy favorite – with Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay nominations – Paul Haggis' Los Angeles-set, race-obsessed drama Crash received a mere two Golden Globe nods: Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Matt Dillon. […]