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Joan Blondell Bio: Warner Bros. Movies & Real Life Love Triangle + Condom Censorship

Joan Blondell biography. Joan Blondell. Those who have heard the name will most likely picture either a blowsy, older woman playing the worldwise but warm-hearted saloon owner in the late 1960s television series Here Come the Brides, or a lively, fast-talking, no-nonsense, and unconventionally sexy gold digger in numerous Pre-Code […]

Tyrone Power V: Sexual Orientation Rumors

Mai Zetterling, Tyrone Power. Two two co-starred in the 1957 drama Seven Waves Away / Abandon Ship. Tyrone Power IV: Bisexuality, Cesar Romero Rumors [Right: Tyrone Power in Jesse James.] The other thing that cracks me up – and I've done a study of this – if someone is outed […]

Edmund Goulding: Renowned Filmmaker with Controversial Private Life - Q&A with Biographer Matthew Kennedy

Edmund Goulding directs a young Joan Crawford in the MGM melodrama Sally, Irene and Mary (1925) at the beginning of their, respectively, directorial and acting careers. Photo: Matthew Kennedy Collection.   Even though the Academy Award-winning Grand Hotel (1932), the Bette Davis weepie Dark Victory (1939), and the Academy Award-nominated […]

Marie Dressler: From MGM Stardom to Lesbian Rumors | Q&A with Biographer Matthew Kennedy

Marie Dressler in Dinner at 8 It's Oscar time. What better way to celebrate the 2008 Academy Awards than by having a q&a about the best actress Oscar winner … of 1931? (Or rather, for the period 1930-31, as the Oscars in those days covered films released in the Los […]