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'Mildred Pierce' 1945: Joan Crawford 'Terrific' in Film Noir or Melodrama?

Joan Crawford in 'Mildred Pierce': Best Actress Oscar winner enjoyed a triumphant comeback. 'Mildred Pierce' 1945 movie review: Very entertaining 'soap opera' Time has a way of making some films seem grander than they really are. A good example is Mildred Pierce, the 1945 black-and-white melodrama directed by Casablanca's Michael […]

Olivia de Havilland Turns 99: Two-Time Best Actress Oscar Winner Made Labor Law History

Olivia de Havilland. Labor relations' history-making 'Gone with the Wind' star and two-time Best Actress Oscar winner Olivia de Havilland turns 99 Two-time Best Actress Academy Award winner Olivia de Havilland, the only surviving major Gone with the Wind cast member and oldest surviving Oscar winner, is turning 99 years […]

Noah's Ark Flood Injures Extras: 'Hollywood Unknowns' Q&A with Film Historian Anthony Slide

Holywood Unknowns: A history of movie extras and bit players In Hollywood Unknowns (University Press of Mississippi), film historian Anthony Slide delves into a rarely discussed side of Hollywood moviemaking: the aspirations and travails of those invariably nameless, usually voiceless, and oftentimes faceless contributors to the art and success of […]

'Casablanca': Humprey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman Classic 'Nowhere Near Greatness'

Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca About three years ago, I finally gave in to watch Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life (1946) for the first time. I had hesitated because of the five- and ten-minute snippets of the film I had seen, and for its reputation as a hokey Christmas […]

Lauren Bacall Movies: 'To Have and Have Not,' 'The Big Sleep'

Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart in Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep Lauren Bacall, hardly a top box office attraction in the 1940s or 1950s, but a major “Old Hollywood” star today, will have her Turner Classic Movies “Summer Under the Stars” day on Wed., Aug. 25. Bacall is so prestigious nowadays […]

Joan Crawford 'Mildred Pierce' Academy Screening & Ann Blyth to Attend

Joan Crawford, Ann Blyth, Mildred Pierce Mildred Pierce, Michael Curtiz's film noir/family melodrama, earned Joan Crawford her only – and thoroughly deserved – Academy Award. The Oscar-nominated 1945 classic, which also features Ann Blyth, Zachary Scott, Jack Carson, Eve Arden, and Bruce Bennett, will be the next feature in the […]

'Noah's Ark': Michael Curtiz Religion + Disaster Movie Mix

Noah's Ark (1928) Dir.: Michael Curtiz Scr.: Anthony Coldeway; from Darryl F. Zanuck's original story Cast: George O'Brien, Dolores Costello, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Noah Beery, Louise Fazenda, Malcolm Waite, Paul McAllister     Of all the films from that magical moment when silent movies merged into sound, nothing is […]

Errol Flynn 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' Screening

A Warner Bros. digital restoration of the 1938 rousing adventure classic The Adventures of Robin Hood will be screened on Sunday, June 1, 2008, at 7 p.m. at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. The program will also feature a behind-the-scenes look at […]