Noah's Ark (1928): Articles

Movie Extra Jobs & Other 'Hollywood Unknowns': Q&A with Author Anthony Slide

Movie extra jobs & other Hollywood Unknowns. Holywood Unknowns: A history of movie extras and bit players In Hollywood Unknowns (University Press of Mississippi), film historian Anthony Slide delves into a rarely discussed side of Hollywood moviemaking: the aspirations and travails of those invariably nameless, usually voiceless, and oftentimes faceless […]

'Noah's Ark' Movie: Michael Curtiz Religion + Disaster Mix

Noah's Ark with George O'Brien, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, and Paul McAllister. Of all the films from that magical moment when silent movies merged into sound, nothing is as effective as Michael Curtiz's Noah's Ark: it has a romantic story, splashy scenes, and plenty of disasters. Add to that some […]