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'Boom!' Movie: Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton Cinematic Disaster Reappraised

Boom! movie with Elizabeth Taylor: Critically panned box office disaster featuring memorable headwear and situations. 'Boom!' movie: Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton critical & box office bomb reappraised as 'cult classic' fare If you've never seen Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's 1968 vanity production Boom!, don't feel singled out. Boom! […]

West End Theater Raves & Best Actress Tony Award: Minor Columbia Pictures Actress Went Far

West End stage actress Constance Cummings also appeared on Broadway and in Hollywood and British movies. West End theater star: Constance Cummings in 'Saint Joan,' Shakespeare (See previous post: “Constance Cummings: From Harold Lloyd to Eugene O'Neill.”) In the mid-1930s, Constance Cummings landed the title roles in two of husband […]

'Cavalcade' Movie: Noël Coward Homage to Motherland Britannia

Cavalcade with Diana Wynyard and Clive Brook (upstairs), and Herbert Mundin and Una O'Connor (downstairs). Synopsis: Upstairs, Robert and Jane Marryot (Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard), and downstairs, Alfred and Ellen Bridges (Herbert Mundin, Una O'Connor), in a British household, from 1900 to 1933. The Pros: Cavalcade won Best Picture and […]

'Brief Encounter': Sympathetic Adulterers in David Lean Classic

Brief Encounter with Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. Brief Encounter one-line synopsis: A married doctor (Trevor Howard) and a housewife (Celia Johnson) have an adulterous (and platonic) affair. The Pros: Shadow-bathed, smoke-enshrouded railway stations (cinematography by Robert Krasker) to the strains of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2. Enough to turn […]

June Lockhart & Lauren Hutton + Malcolm McDowell & Mickey Rooney: Classic Oscar Movie Posters

June Lockhart and Malcolm McDowell at Academy exhibition of Best Picture Oscar nominees posters: 'Lost in Space' meets 'A Clockwork Orange.' Veterans June Lockhart and Malcolm McDowell: Academy's exhibition of Best Picture Oscar nominees posters Pictured above are actress June Lockhart and actor Malcolm McDowell at the opening of the […]