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'Logan' Movie Review: Wolverine Hugh Jackman Carries One of the Best Superhero Films

Logan movie with Hugh Jackman as the mutant Wolverine: 20th Century Fox's gamble results in one of the best superhero movies. 'Logan' movie review: 'Wolverine' trilogy concluded 'in surprising and rewarding fashion' The trailer for Logan, the final film in the standalone Wolverine trilogy, is set to Johnny Cash's funereal […]

'Wah-Wah': Sentimental Coming of Age in Swaziland

A heartfelt (semi-)autobiographical tale set in a part of the world that's rarely been seen on screen, and boasting a cast that includes Gabriel Byrne, Emily Watson, and Julie Walters. Those elements should guarantee a solid film experience. Unfortunately, that's not the case with Wah-Wah, actor Richard E. Grant's directorial […]