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Merle Oberon: From Mystery Past & Hollywood Stardom to Shah of Iran Connection

Merle Oberon: 'Exotic' and mysterious star of British and American cinema was a victim of the 'Marion Davies Syndrome.' Merle Oberon movies: 'Exotic' and underrated actress with mysterious past is Star of the Month Merle Oberon is Turner Classic Movies' Star of the Month of March 2016. The good news: […]

Oberon Movies: Mysterious Oscar-Nominated Actress Led Intriguing Off-Screen Life

Oberon 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' mystery: Tasmanian- or Indian-born Hollywood and British cinema star? 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for movie fans: Merle Oberon day on TCM Ravishing beauty Merle Oberon, who would have been ideally cast as the Queen of the Fairies in the 1935 version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer […]