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Luise Rainer Movies: 'The Great Ziegfeld,' 'The Great Waltz'

Luise Rainer as Florenz Ziegfeld's wife Anna Held in Robert Z. Leonard's The Great Ziegfeld (I believe Virginia Bruce is the first girl on the left) (top); Luise Rainer in Julien Duvivier's The Great Waltz (bottom) Directed by Sidney Franklin, The Good Earth (1937) is on right now as Turner […]

'Strange Interlude': Eugene O'Neill at MGM

LOVE IS A MUCH-FRUSTRATING THING By Marcus Tucker of Shadow Waltz With the advent of new technology comes experimentation. When sound arrived in Hollywood, films became stagebound because of the crippling limitations of the primitive equipment. But by the time MGM's film adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's 1928 Pulitzer-winning play Strange […]