The Third Man (1949): Articles

Best British Movies of All Time?

Best British movies of all time: Michael Caine in 'Get Carter.' Best British Movies of All Time? Ten years ago, Get Carter, starring Michael Caine as a dangerous-looking London gangster, was selected as the United Kingdom's very best movie of all time according to 25 British film critics polled by […]

Orson Welles Movies: 'The Lady from Shanghai,' 'The Third Man'

Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, The Lady from Shanghai Orson Welles' career as an actor was both fruitful and frustrating. From Citizen Kane (1941) to Someone to Love (1987), Welles appeared – mostly in supporting roles – in about 70 features made in various parts of the world. There was one […]

Walter Matthau & 'The Third Man' on TCM

Saturday, June 14, highlights on Turner Classic Movies: Many consider The Third Man (left) Carol Reed's best film. Some even claim it's so good that Reed couldn't have directed it, detecting Orson Welles' touch of genius throughout the mystery thriller. That said, those who worked with Reed on the film […]

Palme d'Or Winners: Cannes Film Festival

Palme d'Or winners: Cannes Film Festival (image: Joseph Cotten and Alida Valli in 'The Third Man') 1939*: Union Pacific (Cecil B. DeMille) 1946**: Brief Encounter (David Lean) Maria Candelaria / Portrait of Maria (Emilio Fernández) The Turning Point / Velikiy perelom (Fridrikh Markovitch Ermler) La Symphonie Pastorale / Pastoral Symphony […]

Alida Valli: Italian Film Star

Alida Valli possessed a stern, aristocratic beauty: A wide face covered with dark, voluptuous hair, and featuring large, profoundly expressive green eyes that could convey with equal intensity either soulfulness or evil. She was also a capable – at times outstanding – performer, and one of the top Italian actresses […]