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Blake Edwards Movies: 'The Pink Panther' Director Best Handling Polished Comedies & Heavy Dramas

Blake Edwards: Director of the Pink Panther movies – and Julie Andrews' husband for more than four decades – was at his best handling polished comedies and a couple of dead serious dramas. Blake Edwards movies: Best known for slapstick fare, but at his best handling polished comedies and dramas […]

Janet Leigh: 'Psycho' Actress, Tony Curtis Marriage

Janet Leigh Psycho star Janet Leigh, born Jeanette Helen Morrison on July 6, 1927, in Merced, California, would have turned 85 today. Despite a film and television career spanning more than five decades, Leigh is chiefly remembered for one role: the greedy (and unlucky) real-estate office worker Marion Crane, whose […]

Blake Edwards Homage: From Shamelessly Sanitized 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' to Near-Anomaly 'Victor Victoria'

As part of its Blake Edwards tribute, Turner Classic Movies will be showing Days of Wine and Roses, starring Lee Remick and Jack Lemmon. Nearly a decade before partnering up with wife Julie Andrews in a series of (mostly) musicals and comedies, Blake Edwards joined forces with Lee Remick in […]

'My Fair Lady' & 'The Great Race': 1960s Blockbusters Revisited

My Fair Lady (1964) and The Great Race (1965), two of the biggest box office hits of the 1960s, will be screened at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood on Friday, March 27, and Saturday, March 28, respectively. Screenings will begin at 8 […]

Tony Curtis' Movies & Best Performances: From 'Some Like It Hot' to 'The Boston Strangler'

Wednesday, August 27, highlights on Turner Classic Movies: TCM will be showing several goodies on Tony Curtis Day, including Richard Fleischer's rousing adventure epic The Vikings (1958), in which Curtis plays opposite his then-wife Janet Leigh; the highly enjoyable Blake Edwards comedy Operation Petticoat (1959), with Curtis, his idol Cary […]

Tony Curtis Will Talk: Marilyn Monroe & Janet Leigh + Christine Kaufmann

Tony Curtis will talk: Remembering Some Like It Hot co-star Marilyn Monroe, in addition to spouse and co-star Janet Leigh, and spouse and co-star Christine Kaufmann. Tony Curtis will talk: Remembering Marilyn Monroe & former wives Janet Leigh + Christine Kaufmann For obvious reasons, we avoid quoting from trash tabloids such […]

Movies to Watch: Ramon Novarro 'The Red Lily' & Claude Rains 'The Clairvoyant' + Restoring 1 of Most Influential Films

Ramon Novarro and Enid Bennett in The Red Lily. Generally, I post my “Can't Miss” warnings days after the must-see movies have been shown on television. I've decided to try something different this time around. I'm sending this “Can't Miss” warning nearly a week before the two must-see films are aired […]