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'The Great Wall' Movie: Zhang Yimou-Matt Damon Collaboration Proof Countries Should Work Together?

The Great Wall movie with Matt Damon: Awkward-accented British mercenary fights the Taotie in costly Chinese-American collaboration. 'The Great Wall' movie: Zhang Yimou-Matt Damon collaboration evidence that – for better or for worse – countries can work together In this divisive age, when countries are turning inward with a nationalist, […]

Joseph Losey 'Galileo,' Zhang Yimou 'Hero': bfi Southbank

Topol in Joseph Losey's Galileo (top); Ziyi Zhang in Zhang Yimou's Hero (middle); Jean-Pierre Cargol, François Truffaut in Truffaut's L'Enfant sauvage / The Wild Child (bottom) According to London's bfi Southbank (webiste) site, filmmaker Joseph Losey, a victim of the Red Scare who settled in England in the 1950s, had […]

Bong Joon-ho 'Mother' Tops Asian Film Awards + 'The Unbroken' Wins Japanese Academy Awards

Kim Hye-ja in Mother Bong Joon-ho's unusual drama-thriller Mother received top honors at the 2010 Asian Film Awards. Hosted by model and veejay Lisa S., the event took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Monday evening. Mother, the tale of a devoted mother who'll stop at […]

Zhang Yimou & John Woo Honorary Awards + Air Disaster Drama Tops Japanese Academy Award Nominations

Zhang Yimou on the set of A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop a.k.a. A Simple Noodle Story. Best known for his lush collaborations with Gong Li (Raise the Red Lantern, Shanghai Triad, Curse of the Golden Flower), Zhang Yimou has been announced as the recipient of the Asian […]

Berlin Film Festival: Play it Again …! Series

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the Berlin International Film Festival will mark its 60th anniversary with the retrospective “Play it Again …!,” featuring 40 films compiled by British film critic David Thomson from previous Berlin festivals. Among them are Curzio Malaparte's The Forbidden Christ, Alf Sjoberg's Miss Julie, starring Anita […]

DGA Awards' Martin Scorsese Win + Johnny Depp vs. James Bond VFX

DGA winner Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio © DGA. Well on his way to his first Academy Award, last night Martin Scorsese received the Directors Guild of America's feature-film top honors for The Departed, Scorsese's way overrated I-can-smell-a-rat gangster flick that the director himself has referred to as […]

'Curse of the Golden Flower' & 'Nuovomondo': Foreign Language Film Oscar Entries

Nuovomondo / Golden Door with Charlotte Gainsbourg. 'Nuovomondo' & 'Curse of the Golden Flower': Best Foreign Language Film Oscar submissions Italy's choice for the 2007 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award is Emanuele Crialese's Golden Door / Nuovomondo, winner of several prizes at the 2006 Venice Film Festival, among them a […]

Award-Winning Movies: Clint Eastwood-Martin Scorsese Split + Female Genital Mutilation Drama Surprise Win

Award-winning movies: Million Dollar Baby with Hilary Swank. A critical favorite and one of the top award-winning movies this season, the National Society of Film Critics' Best Film of 2004 is Clint Eastwood's sentimental melo Million Dollar Baby, which Paul Haggis adapted from a short story by F.X. Toole (a.k.a. […]