Taylor Kitsch 'John Carter' Ten-Minute Preview + Moebius Dies

John Carter Taylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch, John Carter

Oscar 2013 Alert: No, not in the writing or acting categories (despite the funky accents), but Andrew Stanton's first live-action feature film, John Carter, will likely be a strong Academy Award contender in the “technical” categories, e.g., Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, or even Best Art Direction, Best Make-Up, and Best Costume Design. But then again, the Ryan Reynolds flop Green Lantern wasn't nominated for anything. Anyhow, check out the 10-minute clip from the film (see below).

Chiefly based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars, John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch as a former Confederate captain who is (somehow) transported to Mars, a.k.a. Barsoom. Tired of war on Earth, Carter soon discovers that the Martians – among them Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins – are just as bloodthirsty and gung-ho as his fellow Earthlings. Similarly to what goes on in our own planet in the 21st century, Mars' environment is going to rot while its inhabitants play tribal wargames. It's up to John Carter to rectify that situation. Will he succeed?

Also in the John Carter cast are Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Bryan Cranston, Polly Walker, Daryl Sabara, and Thomas Haden Church. Stanton co-wrote the screenplay with Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon.

John Carter, which cost Walt Disney Studios a reported $250 million, opens March 9. Disney is surely praying they'll have an Avatar in their hands – instead of another Mars Needs Moms. Now, notice the music when the guard gets his head banged against the metal bars of John Carter's “cage.” Here's wondering if that'll set the tone for the film's action scenes.

Moebius a.k.a. Jean Giraud has died

Moebius artwork Jean Giraud
Moebius' artwork

Moebius Jean GiraudComics artist Jean Giraud, a.k.a. Moebius, died earlier today (perhaps Friday night) of cancer. He was 73.

According to the Los Angeles Times obit, the Parisian-born Giraud was admired by an eclectic group of famous people, including Hayao Miyazaki, Federico Fellini, George Lucas, Rick Carter, James Cameron, Paulo Coelho, Stan Lee, and Ridley Scott.

Moebius helped to create the look of Scott's sci-fi/horror classic Alien, in addition to Steven Lisberger's TRON, Ron Howard's Willow (based on a story by George Lucas), James Cameron's The Abyss, and Luc Besson's The Fifth Element.

Upon announcing Giraud's death, his publishing house, Dargaud, said the comics world had lost “one of its greatest masters.”

Steven Lisberger concurred, telling the Times, “It's one thing to be talented and work hard enough to put your spirit and soul in your work, and it's a totally other thing to have a spirit and soul that is so beautiful and wise that it deserves to be put into art.” Giraud, Lisberger added, was “a very rare man, a true master, and his life's work is a masterpiece.”

Moebius' artwork via idesignyoureyes.com.

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  1. Isis Greene

    I am soo saddened for this loss to humanity and art. But beauty calls her own back to her busom . He will be missed.-C.

  2. zac

    My fault. Apologies & thank you for the correction.
    Editor & me still with THE LORAX in our heads.

  3. fabs

    Taylor Swift? you mean Taylor Kitsch. the actor, not a country music Singer.