'The Triplets of Belleville' Is Genies' Best Film + Actioner Tops Hong Kong

The Triplets of Belleville'The Triplets of Belleville.'

'The Triplets of Belleville' tops Canadian Oscars: Genie Awards 2005

One more example of Quebec's vibrant film industry, Sylvain Chomet's French-Canadian co-production The Triplets of Belleville, an animated feature reminiscent of Jacques Tati's (live-action) comedies, won the 2005 Best Film Genie Award. (See below the full list of 2005 Genie Award winners and nominees.)

Up for this year's Best Animated Feature Academy Award, The Triplets of Belleville follows a determined grandmother and her equally determined dog, who'll do whatever it takes to rescue the elderly lady's grandson, kidnapped during the Tour de France.

At the Genie Awards, The Triplets of Belleville was in the running against the following live-action features:

  • István Szabó's Being Julia, starring Annette Bening as a temperamental actress reminiscent of Bette Davis in All About Eve.
  • Sudz Sutherland's Love, Sex and Eating the Bones, in which a man (Hill Harper) discovers much to his dismay that his love of pornography has made him afraid of actual sexual contact.
  • Bittersweet Memories / Ma vie en cinémascope, starring 2005 Best Actress Genie winner Pascale Bussières as troubled Quebec singer Alys Robi.
  • Best Director Genie winner Francis Leclerc's Looking for Alexander / Mémoires affectives, starring Best Actor Roy Dupuis as a man who, after waking from a coma, begins to suffer from disturbing and violent memories.

Curiously, The Triplets of Belleville won the Best Film Genie and nothing else. But then again, Chomet's animated feature had been nominated for only one other Genie: Best Original Score (Benoît Charest).

Other Genie 2005 winners

In the supporting categories, the winners were Best Supporting Actor Jean Lapointe for The Last Tunnel / Le Dernier Tunnel and Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh for Childstar.

Looking for Alexander also earned Francis Leclerc the Best Original Screenplay Genie Award, shared with Marcel Beaulieu. The Best Adapted Screenplay Genie went to Luc Dionne and Sylvain Guy for Machine Gun Molly / Monica la mitraille.

Paul Sarossy was the Best Cinematographer for Head in the Clouds, which also won Genies for Best Editing (Dominique Fortin), Best Costume Design (Mario Davignon), and Best Original Score (Terry Frewer).

The Corporation was the Best Documentary Feature, while the Genie Awards' box office prize, the Golden Reel Award, went to the Alexander Witt-directed, Paul W.S. Anderson-scripted Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the latest installment in the critically derided but quite popular Resident Evil franchise starring a weapon-clad Milla Jovovich.

Genie Awards Pascale Bussières Bittersweet MemoriesGenie Award winner Pascale Bussières in 'Bittersweet Memories.'

Genie Awards 2005 winners and nominees

Best Film
Being Julia - Robert Lantos.
Love, Sex and Eating the Bones - Jennifer Holness.
Bittersweet Memories / Ma Vie En Cinémascope - Denise Robert. Daniel Louis.
Looking for Alexander / Mémoires Affectives - Barbara Shrier.
* The Triplets of Belleville / Les Triplettes de Belleville - Paul Cadieux.

Best Director
Denise Filiatrault - Bittersweet Memories.
Pierre Houle - Machine Gun Molly / Monica la Mitraille.
Bronwen Hughes - Stander.
* Francis Leclerc - Looking for Alexander.
David “Sudz” Sutherland - Love, Sex and Eating the Bones.

Best Documentary
* The Corporation - Mark Achbar. Jennifer Abbott. Bart Simpson.
Mr. Mergler's Gift - Beverly Shaffer. Germaine Ying-gee Wong.
What Remains of Us - François Prévost. Yves Bisaillon. Hugo Latulippe.

Best Original Screenplay
Denise Filiatrault - Bittersweet Memories.
Federico Hidalgo. Paulina Robles - A Silent Love.
* Francis Leclerc. Marcel Beaulieu - Looking for Alexander.
Don McKellar. Michael Goldbach - Childstar.
David “Sudz” Sutherland - Love, Sex and Eating the Bones.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Joël Champetier. Daniel Roby - White Skin / La Peau Blanche.
Jerry Ciccoritti - Blood.
* Luc Dionne. Sylvain Guy - Machine Gun Molly.
Todd Klinck. Jaie Laplante. John Palmer - Sugar.
Jacob Tierney - Twist.

Best Actress
Isabelle Blais - Love and Magnets / Les Aimants.
Céline Bonnier - Machine Gun Molly.
* Pascale Bussières - Bittersweet Memories.
Emily Hampshire - Blood.
Jacinthe Lagüe - The Five of Us / Elles Étaient Cinq.

Best Supporting Actress
Juliette Gosselin - Battle of the Brave.
* Jennifer Jason Leigh - Childstar.
Sylvie Moreau - Love and Magnets.
Ellen Page - Wilby Wonderful.
Susana Salazar - A Silent Love.

Roy Dupuis Looking for AlexanderRoy Dupuis in 'Looking for Alexander.'

Best Actor
Michel Côté - The Last Tunnel / Le Dernier Tunnel.
* Roy Dupuis - Looking for Alexander.
David La Haye - Battle of the Brave / Nouvelle-France.
Ian McKellen - Emile.
Nick Stahl - Twist.

Best Supporting Actor
Gary Farmer - Twist.
Brendan Fehr - Sugar.
Bruce Greenwood - Being Julia.
* Jean Lapointe - The Last Tunnel.
Kyle Maclachlan - Touch of Pink.

Best Cinematography
Louis de Ernsted - Battle of the Brave.
Bernard Couture - The Last Tunnel.
Pierre Mignot - Bittersweet Memories.
* Paul Sarossy - Head in the Clouds.
André Turpin - Childstar.

Best Film Editing
Jean-François Bergeron - The Last Tunnel.
Richard Comeau - The Five of Us.
* Dominique Fortin - Head in the Clouds.
Reginald Harkema - Childstar.
Yvann Thibodeau - Bittersweet Memories.

Best Original Score
Benoît Charest - The Triplets of Belleville.
Michel Corriveau - The Last Tunnel.
Pierre Duchesne - Looking for Alexander.
* Terry Frewer - Head in the Clouds.
Charles Papasoff - So the Moon Rises / La Lune Viendra d'Elle-Même.

Best Original Song
Rebecca Jenkins - Wilby Wonderful - “Something's Coming”.
Kyprios - Childstar - “Ignorance Is Beautiful (Help Me)”.
Luc Plamondon. Patrick Doyle - Battle of the Brave - “Ma Nouvelle France”.
* Ron Proulx. Jacob Tierney - Twist - “Pantaloon in Black”.
Lorraine Richard. Michel Cusson. Pierre Houle - Machine Gun Molly - “Le Blues de Monica”.

Best Art Direction / Production Design
André-Line Beauparlant - Camping Sauvage.
Jean Bécotte - The Last Tunnel.
Jonathan Lee. Gilles Aird - Head in the Clouds.
Michel Proulx - Machine Gun Molly.
* Jean-Baptiste Tard - Battle of the Brave.

Best Costume Design
François Barbeau - Battle of the Brave.
* Mario Davignon - Head in the Clouds.
Michèle Hamel - Machine Gun Molly.
Sophie Lefebvre - Camping Sauvage.
Denis Sperdouklis - Bittersweet Memories.

Best Overall Sound
Pierre Blain. Jo Caron. Michel Descombes. Gavin Fernandes - Head in the Clouds.
Christian Bouchard. Luc Boudrias. Jocelyn Caron. Clovis Gouaillier. Benoit Leduc - Looking for Alexander.
* Dominique Chartrand. Gavin Fernandes. Pierre Paquet - The Last Tunnel.
Dean Humphreys. Todd Beckett. David Lee - Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
Nicole Thompson. Jeff Carter. Brad Hillman. Miguel Nunes - Emile.

Best Sound Editing
Marie-Claude Gagné. Guy Francoeur. Guy Pelletier. Claire Pochon. Jean-Philippe Savard - Camping Sauvage.
* Craig Henighan. Stephen Barden. Tony Lewis. Nathan Robitaille - Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
Marcel Pothier. Natalie Fleurant. Guy Francoeur. Antoine Morin. Guy Pelletier - Head in the Clouds.
Marcel Pothier. Natalie Fleurant. Guy Francoeur. Carole Gagnon. Antoine Morin - Machine Gun Molly.
Christian Rivest - The Last Tunnel.

Best Live Action Short Drama
* Capacité 11 Personnes - Gaël d'Ynglemare. Yves Fortin.
Choke - David Hyde. Tyler Levine. Carolyn Newman.
Desastre - Jay Field.
The Dog Walker - James Genn. Andrew Rosen. Geoffrey Turnbull.
TV Dinner…(burp!) - Vanessa-Tatjana Beerli. Antonello Cozzolino. Annie Normandin.

Best Animated Short
L'homme Sans Ombre - Georges Schwizgebel. Marcel Jean.
Louise - Anita Lebeau. Michael Scott. Jennifer Torrance.
Mabel's Saga / Le Voyage de Mabelle - Jodee Samuelson. Kent Martin.
* Ryan - Chris Landreth. Steven Hoban. Marcy Page. Mark Smith.
Through My Thick Glasses - Pjotr Sapegin. Marcel Jean. David Reiss-anderson.

Claude Jutra Award
Daniel Roby - La Peau Blanche / The White Skin.

Golden Reel Award
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - Paul W.S. Anderson. Jeremy Bolt. Don Carmody.

Kung Fu Hustle Stephen Chow'Kung Fu Hustle' poster with Stephen Chow

'Kung Fu Hustle' tops 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards

Actor-director Stephen Chow's blockbuster comedy-actioner Kung Fu Hustle was the Best Film winner at the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards held on March 27. Set in 1930s Shanghai, Kung Fu Hustle follows a low-level gangster eager to join a group of dangerous underworld criminals. (See below the full list of Hong Kong Film Awards 2005 winners and nominees.).

Stephen Chow was bypassed for the Best Director award, which went to Derek Yee for One Nite in Mongkok. Ziyi Zhang and Tony Leung Chiu Mai (who also beat nominee Chow) were, respectively, the Best Actress and Best Actor winners for their work in Wong Kar-Wai's atmospheric 2046.

Park Chan-wook's South Korean entry Oldboy was voted Best Asian Film.

2005 Hong Kong Film Award winners and nominees

Best Film
Breaking News.
* Kung Fu Hustle.
One Nite in Mongkok.
New Police Story.

Best Asian Film
House of Flying Daggers (China).
A World Without Thieves (China).
Zatoichi (Japan).
* Oldboy (South Korea).
Quill (Japan).

Best Director
Wong Kar-Wai (2046).
Johnnie To (Breaking News).
Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle).
* Derek Yee (One Nite in Mongkok).
Chan Muk Shing (New Police Story).

Best New Director
Wong Jan Jan (Six Strong Guys).
* Wong Ching Po (Jiang Hu).
Yuen Kin To (McDull: Prince de la Bun).

2046 Tony Leung Ziyi Zhang'2046' with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Ziyi Zhang

Best Actor
* Tony Leung Chiu Wai (2046).
Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle).
Alex Fong Chung Shun (One Nite in Mongkok).
Daniel Wu (One Nite in Mongkok).
Jackie Chan (New Police Story).

Best Actress
* Ziyi Zhang (2046).
Sylvia Chang (20. 30. 40).
Yuen Qiu (Kung Fu Hustle).
Cecilia Cheung (One Nite in Mongkok).
Kar Yan Lam (Koma).

Best Supporting Actor
* Yuen Wah (Kung Fu Hustle).
Danny Chan Kwok Kwan (Kung Fu Hustle).
Jim Sui Man (Driving Miss Wealthy).
Tony Leung Ka Fai (Dumplings).
Daniel Wu (New Police Story).

Best Supporting Actress
Yang Qi (20. 30. 40).
Maggie Siu (Breaking News).
Candy Lo (Six Strong Guys).
Wu Yin Nei (Yesterday Once More).
* Bai Ling (Dumplings).

Best Newcomer
Jaycee Fang (The Twins Effect II).
Eva Huang Sheng Yi (Kung Fu Hustle).
Race Wong Yuen Ling (Ab-Normal Beauty).
Cheung Siu Wai (Color Blossoms).
* Tian Yuan (Butterfly).

Best Screenplay
Wong Kar-Wai (2046).
Chan Ka Sheung. Chung Kai Cheung (Breaking News).
Stephen Chow. Tsang Kan Cheong. Lola Huo. Chan Man Keung (Kung Fu Hustle).
* Derek Yee (One Nite in Mongkok).
Lee Bik Wah (Dumplings).

Best Cinematography
* Christopher Doyle. Lai Kai Fai. Kwan Bun Leung (2046).
Poon Kai Ming (Leaving Me Loving You).
Poon Hang Seng (Kung Fu Hustle).
Keung Kwok Man (One Nite in Mongkok).
Christopher Doyle (Dumplings).

Best Editing
Cheung Suk Ping (2046).
Yau Chi wai (New Police Story).
David Richardson (Breaking News).
* Angie Lam (Kung Fu Hustle).
Cheung Kar Fai (One Nite in Mongkok).

Best Art Direction
* Cheung Suk Ping a.k.a. William Chang. Yau Wai Ming (2046).
Wong Yui Man (Kung Fu Hustle).
Wong Yan Kwai. Lam Ching (Jiang Hu).
Man Nim Chung (Color Blossoms).
Hai Chung Man. Wong Bing Yiu (Dumplings).

Best Costumes
* Cheung Suk Ping a.k.a. William Chang (2046).
Lei Pik Kwan (The Twins Effect II).
Shirley Chan Gu Fong (Kung Fu Hustle).
Wong Yan Kai. Kwok Suk Man (Jiang Hu).
Yang Fan. Ho Chi Leung (Color Blossoms).

Best Action Choreography
Corey Yuen (The Twins Effect II).
* Yuen Woo Ping (Kung Fu Hustle).
Chin Ka Lok (One Nite in Mongkok).
Yuen Bun (Throw Down).
Lee Chung Chi. Jackie Chan Martial Arts Team (New Police Story).

Best Original Score
* Peer Raben. Mui Lam Mau (2046).
Mark Lui (Leaving Me Loving You).
Raymond Wong (Kung Fu Hustle).
Kam Pui Tat (One Nite in Mongkok).
Surender Sodhi (Color Blossoms).

Best Original Song
“Leung Gor Yun Dik Yin For” – Mark Lui (music). Lin Xi (lyrics). Leon Lai (singer). (Leaving Me Loving You).
“Sun Giu Yuk Gwai” – Ronald Ng (music). Lin Xi (lyrics) Joey Yung (singer). (The Attractive One).
* “This Way, This Way” – The Pancakes (music). Brian Tse and The Pancakes (lyrics). The Pancakes (singers). (McDull: Prince de la Bun).
“Tiao Qing” – Lam Yat Fung (music). Wong Wai Man (lyrics). Sammi Cheng (singer). (Magic Kitchen).
“Ru Guo Ni You Shi” – Lau Cho Tak (music). Lin Xi and Andy Lau Tak Wah (lyrics). Sammi Cheng (singer). (Yesterday Once More).

Best Visual Effects
Guillaume Raffi. Sonia Holst. Nadir Benhassaine. Nicholas Bonnell (2046).
Wong Wan Tat. Wong Wan Hin. Yu kwok Leung (The Twins Effect II).
* Cheung Chi Hang. Ma Wing On. Tam Kai Kwan. Hung Yuk Leung (Kung Fu Hustle).
Narin Visitsak (Ab-Normal Beauty).
Wong Wan Tat. Ho Chi Fai (New Police Story).

Best Sound Design
Claude Letessier and Tu Duu Chih (2046).
* Steven Ticknor. Steve Burgess. Rob Mackenzie and Paul Pirola (Kung Fu Hustle).
Nip Kei Wing and Benny Chan (One Nite in Mongkok).
Kinson Tsang (Koma).
Kinson Tsang (New Police Story).


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Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle poster: Sony Pictures Classics.

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