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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Box Office: Biggest Worldwide Kristen Stewart + Robert Pattinson Hit?

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Mackenzie Foy: Biggest Twilight internationally
Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Mackenzie Foy. Firm believers in family values, the Cullen Clan – composed of assorted vampires of various backgrounds – is aware that a family that sucks blood together stays together. Besides, they’re relentlessly loyal; if one of them is in danger, they all band together. That’s the key plot element found in Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the fifth and final installment in the hugely successful Twilight Saga franchise. Although not quite the expected super-blockbuster in the U.S. and Canada, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 should end up as the most successful Twi-movie internationally.
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Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: Most successful Twilight movie worldwide?

Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

Dec. 24 update: Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has to date scored a remarkable – though, paradoxically, disappointing – $281.6 million in the domestic market, according to figures found at

Why disappointing? Well, the climactic final installment in the Twilight Saga franchise is still lagging behind two previous sequels: Eclipse and New Moon.

The Good news: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (not taking into account currency fluctuations) is the Twilight Saga‘s indisputable champ internationally: Even without China boost accorded top U.S. blockbusters, it has reached $501.4 million outside the U.S. and Canada, for a worldwide total of $781.2 million. The $800 million global milestone is definitely within reach.

Even while taking (U.S.) inflation into account, Chris Weitz’s New Moon cumed at an inflation-adjusted $765 million. Admittedly, that figure is iffy for two reasons: a) The U.S. inflation rate has been slightly higher than “movie inflation rate” (increase in ticket prices) b) When we’re comparing international box office grosses in U.S. dollars, it’s essential to take into account currency fluctuations. Else, the comparisons are moot.

The only way to know for sure if Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has been more successful than all previous Twilight movies is to find out how many tickets each movie sold. An all but impossible task.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s top international markets are the following:

  • The United Kingdom with $55.7 million.
  • Brazil with $47.1 million.
  • Russia/CIS with $42.7 million.
  • France with $36.2 million.
  • Germany with $33.9 million.
  • Australia with $28.9 million.
  • Mexico with $28.4 million.
  • Spain with $28 million.
  • Italy with $24.1 million.

Spring 2013 update: As found at Box Office Mojo, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 reached $829.7 million worldwide. Its top three international markets were the U.K. with $57.9 million, Brazil with $54.2 million, and Russia/CIS with $42.8 million.

Twilight movies: Leveled off in North America + gaining momentum internationally

Dec. 10: For the record, here are the (unadjusted) worldwide figures of the previous Twilight movies: Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (2008) with $392.6 million; New Moon, with $709.8 million; David Slade’s Eclipse, with $698.5 million; and Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1, with $712.2 million. Worldwide total for the Twilight movie franchise to date: $3.264 billion. With the exception of Twilight, which starred only Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, every other Twilight Saga movie starred Stewart, Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.

Something worth mentioning is how the international vs. domestic percentages have changed in the last four years: Twilight, 50.9 percent international; New Moon, 58.2 percent; Eclipse, 57 percent; Breaking Dawn – Part 1, 60.5 percent; Breaking Dawn – Part 2, 64.2 percent after four weekends. Looking at both the total worldwide grosses and the international vs. domestic percentages, it becomes clear that whereas the Twilight movies have either plateaued or lost some stamina in North America (or at least in the United States), they have – with the exception of Eclipse – continued to gain momentum internationally.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 vs. Eclipse & Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Before I proceed, I should add that comparisons to David Slade’s Eclipse would be unreliable at this stage because the third Twilight Saga movie opened in early summer 2010. In summer, movies tend to burn brighter at the beginning, then (relatively speaking) rapidly fade away as new product enters the market. By Day 20, Eclipse had grossed $266.82 million, ending its run with $300.53 million (having added about $33.5 million since Day 20), which adjusted for inflation represents approximately $302.5 million. For comparison’s sake, New Moon ended its run with $296.62 million (having added about $38 million since Day 20), which adjusted for inflation* represents approximately $314 million.

Now, one thing is certain: inflation or no, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is far outperforming its immediate predecessor. On Day 20, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 had collected $250.47 million, or about $8 million less than Part 2. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 ended its run earlier this year with $281.28 million. Expect Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to pass the $300 million milestone and probably surpass Eclipse in ticket sales.

Now, when it comes to Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s international popularity, the final Twilight movie has received – in relative terms – the most enthusiastic reception in this particular country.

Domestic box office: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 vs. New Moon

For comparison’s sake: After 19 days, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has grossed $257.3 million in the U.S. and Canada. During that same period, the previous no. 1 Twilight movie at the domestic box office, New Moon, grossed $257.5 million. The good news: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which started out slower than New Moon, is closing in on its predecessor. In fact, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 surpassed New Moon sometime today. The bad news: It’s all but impossible for the final installment in the Twilight movie franchise to surpass New Moon once higher ticket prices are taken into account. Adjusted for inflation, New Moon‘s cume on Day 19 was approximately $272.5 million.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s current worldwide box office total is $705.1 million (up to Dec. 4, in the U.S. and Canada; up to Dec. 2, internationally).

Rami Malek Breaking Dawn Part 2: Vampire Benjamin manipulates classical elements of nature
Rami Malek in Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The final installment in the Twilight Saga movie franchise, Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2 became only the second Twilight movie to top three weekends at the domestic box office. In the fantasy adventure, Rami Malek plays Benjamin, one of the “good vampires” on the side of the Cullen clan, whose very existence has been threatened by the fearsome Vulturi. A member of the Egyptian coven, Benjamin is notable for his power to influence the classical elements of nature: fire, water, earth, and air. Earlier this year, Rami Malek was also seen in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master and Peter Berg’s Battleship.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 passes $250 million domestic

Dec. 2 update: While Killing Them Softly was dead on arrival, Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, easily topped the domestic box office chart for the third weekend in a row, collecting $17.4 million after a dramatic 60 percent drop. Yet that amount was enough for it to remain ahead of its key competitor, the Sam Mendes-Daniel Craig James Bond collaboration Skyfall (with $16.6 million).

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is only the second – and last – Twilight movie to stay three consecutive weekends atop the U.S. and Canada chart, following Breaking Dawn – Part 1 last year.

In fall 2008, Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (which stars only Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) was no. 3 on its second weekend, behind the Vince Vaughn-Reese Witherspoon comedy Four Christmases and the animated flick Bolt. The following year, Chris Weitz’s New Moon trailed the Sandra Bullock melodrama The Blind Side on weekend no. 3.

And in early summer 2010, David Slade’s Eclipse – which opened on a Wednesday – fell behind the animated hit Despicable Me on its second weekend out.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ vs. ‘Skyfall’ & ‘Lincoln’: Post-Thanksgiving North American box office

Nov. 30 update: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, may top the North American box office for the third consecutive weekend. If so, the Bill Condon-directed fantasy will become the second (and last) Twilight movie to achieve that feat, following Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which ruled over a generally anemic group of movies in late fall 2011.

Notice that I wrote “Breaking Dawn – Part 2 … may…” threepeat. In other words, it may not. Remember that the Twilight movies have generally continued their fast downward spiral on their third weekend out at the domestic box office: Condon’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was down 60 percent, David Slade’s Eclipse 58 percent, Chris Weitz’s New Moon 64 percent, and Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight a more modest 50 percent – though down from more modest heights as well. (The source for those percentages is Box Office Mojo.)

If Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is down a very modest 50 percent (modest when compared to previous Twilight sequels), it should easily top the domestic box office, with around $21 million. However, that seems highly unlikely.

So, if Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is down a more likely 60 percent, it’ll be running neck and neck with two other movies: the James Bond flick Skyfall and Lincoln. Barring a box office twist à la the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 finale, all three movies should earn somewhere around $16.5m-$18.5 million.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 & Skyfall lead … best Thanksgiving weekend ever?

Nov. 26 update: Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 led the North American box office this weekend, collecting a better than expected $43.64 million – down 69 percent, or slightly less than Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s and New Moon‘s 70 percent drop-off rate. Even as late as Friday, early estimates pointed to the fifth and final Twilight movie pulling in around $41 million on its second weekend out.

Also worth mentioning is that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 helped the 2012 Thanksgiving weekend become the highest-grossing in history – well, if you pretend inflation doesn’t exist. The top 12 movies this past weekend collected approximately $200 million in the U.S. and Canada, far surpassing the previous Thanksgiving weekend record holder, 2009. That was when the top 12 – led by the Kristen Stewart / Robert Pattinson / Taylor Lautner combo’s New Moon, Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side, and Roland Emmerich / John Cusack’s 2012 – cumed at $175.4 million.

Now, once inflation is taken into account, things change quite a bit: for instance, in 2000 the top 12 – including Ron Howard / Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, M. Night Shyamalan / Bruce WillisUnbreakable, and Glenn Close’s 102 Dalmatians – grossed $167.28 million, or approximately $246 million today.

But of course, inflation or no, $200 million is nothing to sniff at. According to weekend box office actuals found at Box Office Mojo, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was followed by the following top five movies:

  • Sam Mendes / Daniel Craig’s Skyfall with an impressive $35.5 million on its third weekend out (cume $221.14m).
  • Steven Spielberg / Daniel Day-LewisLincoln with an equally impressive $25.67 million on its second weekend in wide release (cume $62.84m).
  • DreamWorks Animation’s Peter Ramsey-directed, $145 million-budgeted Rise of the Guardians with a disappointing $23.77 million (cume $32.34m).
  • Ang Lee’s $120 million-budgeted Life of Pi with a better than expected $22.45 million (cume $30.57m).

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 helps Lionsgate pass $1 billion worldwide

Nov. 25 afternoon: Edward, Bella, and Jacob, along with Katniss and a ragtag bunch of senior-citizen weapon aficionados have helped Lionsgate Pictures pass the $1 billion mark worldwide for the first time in the company’s history*. But wait! Aren’t Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner as the imprinting teen werewolf Jacob Black, Summit Entertainment employees and isn’t Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a Summit production? Well, yes, but Summit and Lionsgate are now one – with Lionsgate as the official business entity. (If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson look different in the above photo, that’s because pictured are Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright as the two powerful vampire brats Jane and Alec.)

After 8–9 days out (depending on the country), the $120 million-budgeted Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the fifth and final installment in the Twilight franchise, has grossed an estimated $577.75 million worldwide: $226.95 million in the U.S. and Canada and $350.8 million internationally, according to figures found at Box Office Mojo.

Directed by Gary Ross, and starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games cumed at $686.5 million worldwide earlier this year. Curiously, the first movie based on Suzanne Collins’ book trilogy was a much bigger hit in North America than elsewhere: $408 million domestically vs. $278.5 million internationally.

Featuring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, and The Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth, The Expendables 2 collected $300.4 million worldwide. Though a disappointment at the domestic box office, with a relatively modest $85.02 million, the Simon West-directed $100 million-budgeted actioner earned a blockbuster-level $215.4 million elsewhere.

Of the three Lionsgate movies (see caveat at the bottom of this post), Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will undoubtedly become the biggest worldwide hit – possibly by a wide margin. After less than 10 days, at the international box office alone it has already grossed more than The Expendables 2 worldwide, and about $70 million more than The Hunger Games. Having said that, the final Twilight movie will surely remain behind The Hunger Games at the domestic box office, probably cuming at around $300-$315 million.

* Lionsgate did not distribute The Hunger Games or The Expendables 2 in the vast majority of international markets. (The UK was an exception.) Neither Lionsgate nor Summit distributed The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 internationally. Also worth noting, The Expendables 2 was independently financed.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together for the last time
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together for the last time as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ weekend box office: Better than early estimates, but shy of movie franchise record

Nov. 18 update: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 easily surpassed Summit Entertainment’s “official” expectations – $135 million – this weekend, Nov. 16–18, at the North American box office, while reaching a near-Twilight movie franchise record.

According to studio estimates, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will have grossed $141.3 million by Sunday evening. If estimates are correct, that’s the eighth biggest domestic opening weekend ever (not adjusted for inflation).

Nov. 19 update: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 collected $141.06 million over the weekend (including midnight/Thursday evening screenings).

Surpassing expectations or debuting at the lower end of expectations?

Now, a few brief observations:

Summit Entertainment’s $135 million opening-weekend “expectations” seemed way too modest to begin with, much like Sony Pictures’ official predictions for the Sam Mendes-Daniel Craig James Bond movie Skyfall last weekend and for the animated Hotel Transylvania a few weekends ago.

In other words, officially Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 “overperformed” at the domestic box office. In reality, it opened closer to the lower end (a few had been expecting $130 million) than to the higher end of expectations (up to $160 million).

Also, bear in mind that Summit Entertainment has included Thursday 10 p.m. screenings into the weekend total for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Previous Twilight movies didn’t have that revenue-boosting advantage.

And finally, Breaking Dawn 2 (surprisingly) sold way fewer tickets than Chris Weitz’s New Moon, whose inflation-adjusted domestic opening weekend gross would have been approximately $151 million.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Worldwide ‘Saga’ opening weekend box office record

According to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened with an astounding $199.6 million in 61 markets, far surpassing initial estimates that pegged the film’s international opening at around $140-150 million.

Including $141.3 million in North America, Breaking Dawn Part 2 collected $340.9 million worldwide – the eighth biggest opening ever (not factoring in inflation, currency fluctuations, or, obviously, the number of territories/theaters). It’s the only Twilight movie among the Top Ten.

Yet the fifth and last Twilight movie earned about $6–12 million more than early Friday (Nov. 16) estimates indicated, bringing in an estimated $71.2 million from 4,070 U.S. and Canadian theaters – including $30.4 million from Thursday 10 p.m. screenings and midnight shows at approx. 3,000 locations.

Stretching the weekend

From the get-go, Summit Entertainment had been – officially – expecting $135 million this weekend (Nov. 16-18), including grosses from Thursday 10 p.m. and midnight shows.

Without the advantage of Thursday 10 p.m. screenings (and without factoring in higher ticket prices), Condon’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1 scored $138.12 million on its debut weekend last November and Chris Weitz’s New Moon $142.83 million in Nov. 2009. The original Twilight earned $69.63 million.

Note: David Slade’s Eclipse opened on a Wednesday in early summer 2010. For that reason, first weekend comparisons would be meaningless.

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ vs. previous ‘Twilight’ movies

If Breaking Dawn Part 2 follows the pattern of its predecessors, there’s absolutely no chance it’ll surpass the opening weekend of either Breaking Dawn – Part 1 or New Moon domestically, though it should at least land very close to BD1.

For comparison’s sake:

  • Without any Thursday 10 p.m. screenings, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 brought in $71.64 million on its first day out.
  • New Moon scored $72.7 million.
  • The original Twilight $35.97 million.
  • And on a Wednesday, Eclipse opened with $68.53 million.

Adjusted for inflation, the figures would be – approximately – as follows:

  • Breaking Dawn – Part 1 with $71.7 million.
  • New Moon with $77 million.
  • Twilight with $40 million.
  • Summer release Eclipse with $69 million.

Thus, for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to surpass at least its immediate predecessor, it must have a less radical Saturday and/or Sunday drop-off rate. See below.

Robert Pattinson Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Edward Cullen final battleRobert Pattinson in ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’: Edward Cullen ends up taking part in the Final Battle.

‘Twilight’ movies suffer steep second- & third-day drop-off rates

Saturday box office figures are unavailable at this stage, so it’s impossible to tell whether or not Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has been following the same pattern as the previous Twilight entries that opened on a Friday in November:

  • Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was down 44 percent on Saturday and 34 percent on Sunday.
  • New Moon was down 42 percent on Saturday and 34 percent on Sunday.
  • Twilight was down 41 percent on Saturday and 42 percent on Sunday.

These are all relatively steep drops, even taking into account these films’ strong midnight grosses.

Bond is the way

Now, however unlikely, the fifth Twilight movie could theoretically follow a similar path to that of Daniel Craig’s third James Bond movie.

Last Saturday, its second day out, Skyfall performed quite a bit better than both Quantum of Solace or Casino Royale. That helped the well-received Bond flick to surpass many pundits’ box office expectations and reach an impressive $88.36 million by Sunday evening.

Official weekend box office estimates will be released on Sunday morning. Only then will we have a better idea as to how loud will be The Twilight Saga movies’ final domestic box office bang. Confirmation will come on Monday, when weekend box office actuals are released.

‘Breaking Dawn 2’ one of top single-day domestic box office grossers ever

Breaking Dawn Part 2 currently boasts the sixth biggest single-day ever at the domestic box office (well, with a little help from those Thursday 10 p.m. screenings). Adjusted for inflation, the fantasy adventure can be found at a still remarkable no. 8.

Among the top ten biggest domestic single-day (inflation-adjusted) grosses ever, four slots are occupied by Twilight movies. There are also two Batman (The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight) and Spider-Man (Spider-Man 2002, Spider-Man 3) movies on the list; plus one Harry Potter (see below) and The Avengers twice.

Summing up, Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened in North America with a loud bang. But if the last Twilight movie’s first-day gross is an indication of what’s to come in the domestic market, it feels somewhat disappointing that the bang just wasn’t quite as loud as one would have expected, especially considering that this is the final curtain for one of the most successful movie franchises in history and the only top-grossing female-led movie franchise to date. (The Jennifer Lawrence-led The Hunger Games isn’t quite a franchise yet.)

Batman remains the domestic single-day record holder

For the record, the current 2D single-day record holder, Christopher Nolan-Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight Rises, scored $75.75 million at 4,404 locations (400 more than Breaking Dawn Part 2) last July.

The single-day record holder at the North American box office remains David Yates-Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 with $91.1 million, followed by another 3D-surcharge-boosted movie, Joss Whedon’s The Avengers with $80.8 million on opening day. In the cast: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and others.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 vampires Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson go hunting
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Vampires Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson go hunting.

‘Twilight’ movies midnight grosses

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 brought in an estimated $30.4 million from midnight and late Thursday shows.

For comparison’s sake, at midnight screenings only (no Thursday evening shows):

  • Breaking Dawn – Part 1 took in $30.25 million at 3,521 locations (Nov. 2011).
  • Eclipse $30.1 million (on a Tuesday in early summer 2010).
  • New Moon $26.27 million (Nov. 2009).

Adjusted for inflation (via Box Office Mojo), the box office figures are as follows:

  • Breaking Dawn – Part 1 approx. $30.7 million.
  • Eclipse $30.3 million.
  • New Moon $27.3 million.

The domestic midnight box office record holder remains the 3D-boosted Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 with $43.5 million in July 2011.

The 2D midnight box office record holder (not adjusted for inflation) remains – by a very slight margin – The Dark Knight Rises with $30.6 million in July 2012. (Too close to call when compared to the inflation-adjusted midnight gross of Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which debuted about eight months earlier.)

I should add that the four Twilight Saga sequels are among the top six domestic midnight grossers in North American moviegoing history, trailing only the final Harry Potter and Batman movies.

Why did ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ fail to break 2D midnight record?

Now, why did Breaking Dawn Part 2 fail to break the domestic 2D midnight box office record – even with the addition of 10 p.m. screenings and the extra media attention devoted to the film thanks to last summer’s “cheating scandal”?

There could be one key reason; there could be many. Without extensive research into moviegoers’ habits, it would be impossible to point out the exact reason.

Having said that, at least for the time being the mass shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in the Denver suburb of Aurora – reportedly the worst mass shooting in U.S. history – could possibly have put a damper on the popularity of that particular showtime in the United States, a country where psychopaths have free access to weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

According to figures found at, in several European countries – where mass shootings aren’t a fact of life like in the U.S. – Breaking Dawn Part 2‘s midnight box office take far surpassed the grosses of the previous Twilight movies.

Kristen Stewart Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Mackenzie Foy hybrid child RenesmeeKristen Stewart in ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2,’ with Mackenzie Foy as the hybrid child Renesmee.

Mass shooting fears? ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ attack ‘planned’

One must also take into account the Springfield News-Leader report that 20-year-old Blaec Lammers from Bolivar, Missouri, has been charged with “first-degree assault, making a terroristic [sic] threat and armed criminal action.”

The reason: Lammers had allegedly planned to stage a mass shooting at a Sunday Breaking Dawn Part 2 screening.

He reportedly told police that he later changed his mind, opting for a mass shooting at the local Walmart “because if he ran out of ammunition he would be able to break the glass where the ammunition is stored and get more.”

Nov. 19 update: Below are the midnight vs. opening weekend percentages of the three Twilight movie sequels opening in November.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 – 21.5 percent.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 – 21.9 percent.

New Moon – 18.4 percent.

The data above indicates that Breaking Dawn 2‘s midnight grosses, when compared to the film’s overall weekend grosses, were not affected by fears of in-theater mass shootings.

However, without a thorough investigation it’s impossible to say whether or not there’s any indication that moviegoers were frightened by the Springfield News-Leader report.

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ cast

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – officially, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – is based on the second half of Stephenie Meyer’s book Breaking Dawn.

Besides Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, the near-endless Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast includes a whole array of vampires and werewolves (plus a few scattered humans and one hybrid little girl):

Elizabeth Reaser. Peter Facinelli. Ashley Greene. Nikki Reed. Jackson Rathbone. Kellan Lutz. Maggie Grace. Mackenzie Foy. Dakota Fanning. Michael Sheen.

Booboo Stewart. MyAnna Buring. Daniel Cudmore. Mia Maestro. Christian Camargo. Rami Malek. Billy Burke. Angela Sarafyan. Bronson Pelletier. Alex Meraz.

Kiowa Gordon. Julia Jones. Chaske Spencer. Charlie Bewley. Jamie Campbell Bower. Andrea Gabriel. Judith Shekoni. Erik Odom. Marlane Barnes. John Edward Lee.

Janelle Froehlich. Lee Pace. Christopher Heyerdahl. Cameron Bright. Casey LaBow. Toni Trucks. Omar Metwally. Masami Kosaka. Amadou Ly. Bill Tangradi. Guri Weinberg.

Tracey Heggins. Lateef Crowder. Christie Burke. JD Pardo. Lisa Howard. Joe Anderson. Billy Wagenseller. Noel Fisher. Valorie Curry. Patrick Brennan. Andrea Powell.

Mostly mediocre reviews

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has a mediocre 48 percent approval rating and 5.3/10 average rating among Rotten Tomatoes‘ top critics.

“It’s a movie so dull you might start yanking on your own head after about an hour,” writes Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Even so, some top reviewers, including those from the New York Times, Newsday, and Time, had positive things to say about the Twilight Saga wrap-up.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Mackenzie Foy Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 images: Andrew Cooper | Summit Entertainment.

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Mallory Proverbs -

TWILIGHT RUNS THIS SHIT!!! LOVE THE TRIO LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE ATTACH TO THE SAGA!!! #twilightwillforeverbeinourhearts. There is nothing and will ever be anything like THE TWILIGHT SAGA EVVVVVVVER!

Juliette -

Thank you, for the financial figure update and congratulations to Bill Condon once again, you are one amazing Director you have my full attention and respect, also thank you to the cast and especially Kristen Stewart Robert Patiinson and Taylor Lautner for the way in which you have given Stephanie Meyer’s characters life and personalities, and thank you for an escape from reality it is fascinating, I hope every director will be clever enough to cast Kristen, Robert and Taylor together as a trio in another movie together sooner than later, do no loose the momentum of this trio, there is something amazing about them together!

jen -

Wow, what a figure! Who would have thought twilight would become this BIG!?

Cindy -

Its not suprising to me that BD 2 is doing well, it has been attracting non-twihards to watch it. My nephews who wouldnt be caught dead in previous twilight movies, thought this one is seriously cool especially with all the vampire and their superpower powers. I am glad that Twilight ends will a serious bang.
On the christmas debacle, if memory serves me right, Kristen and Robert have NEVER spends chrismas together, they both spend it with their respective family, then Kristen (usually) will fly out and spend New Year with Robert. All these speculation/rumors in my mind are compeltely made up, seems that Robsten has arrive at Bragelina status level, at the top of the hollowy food chain/and upfortunelately Tabloid gold. You read contradicting stories about both couples practically every week and the same nonsense gets recycle every few month!
Anyway good article, thanks.

jan martindale -

What were the budgets for each of the Twilight Saga films individually?
I believe Catherine Hardwick is always given short shrift for the original Twilight film, but the budget had to be far less that what New Moon alone received.

Juliette -

Good Luck, to Bill Condon you are an amazing and one of a kind Director at this stage I do not have words to describe how wonderful a Director you are I am stunned by the figures, also congratulations to the BD 2 cast and to Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, how to see you as a trio in 50Shades of Grey, that would turn the world upside down a first in Hollywood and it is do-able

mari -

“Jacob is my sun”…..cold hard vamps don’t warm me…..scorching hard shapeshifters are a different story….especially if you read fan fic.

Bonboy -

Well the truth BD2 its blockbuster like Bond007, iam only saw Skyfall and BD2 two times but my sister saw BD2 5 times and she never interesting see Skyfall…iam lost!!!

miranti hasan -

Robert miss you

jen -

@Khan The author wrote the truth…. Abe and James bowed to Bella facts and figures!

khan -

what a silly written piece. The mere fact that a 50 year old entity and a historical piece are doing so well should not be undermined by a silly headline claiming they got had by a sparkling vampire.

Cat Lauren -

Wow, $600m Worldwide BO, who would have thought it? I am happy that Breaking Dawn Part 2 has done so well and the movie will probably keep the seats filled for awhile longer. I know that I want to see it again, but so many things have been keeping me busy elsewhere. Can’t wait until I can to go see it again for the 3rd time. I loved the books and I have to admit that the director did a great job of turning things on it’s head by the twist of fortune telling. Great idea!!! Loved it and was surprised to find myself clapping and cheering along with the rest of the audience, at the demise of Aro (wishful thinking). To have our two main characters to perform the act was pure genius. To replace Edward and Bella with new actors any sooner than 10 years would be a big mistake. For example….they remade Red Dawn and it had no use to remake it. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and the rest of the cast was perfect and the story really didn’t need to be retold. Back to BD PT 2, loved it.

just me -

they did an amazing job , we showed our love in a box-office.

Lynette Nixon -

I loved the final chapter of Twilight. I’m a twilight die hard fan for life. Waiting for the 5 movies collection package and will buy the four books again for my collection. It was agreat love story that i will continue to read and look at the movies. One Love!

zac -


Deafening screams or no, the highest-grossing “Twilight” movie in Japan, according to figures found at Box Office Mojo, was “Eclipse”: $6.74m. That’s not very much at all for a market as big as Japan.

In fact, “Eclipse” grossed more than $20m in 10 countries. So, when it comes to “The Twilight Saga,” Japan hasn’t been a major market.

setha2z -

It just occurred to me that if they remake the series in a few years, suggested by Alice below, the original audience will have aged so they could make an “R” version for them. That would all but guarantee even larger worldwide sales by itself!

setha2z -

Popularity is based on ticket sales rather than immeasurables like fan screams. I would not be at all surprised if BD 2 sales surpass the take on each of the other 4 films in the saga. I think the movie is better, it is the last opportunity for the legions of obsessed fans to watch, and the story is completed in it. I don’t agree with Alice about possible remakes, though. If the actors seem perfect for their roles, it is probably because we are so used to them by now. When they rolled out each one, though, I have usually thought they were a poor fit for their respective roles. Parts have been under- or over-acted, too. For instance, “Edward” is underacted, while Michael Sheen grossly overacts his parts, I think. I am a full-on Twihard, yet even so, think there is a lot to improve upon in all categories starting with the story/screenplay. That’s good news because it gives us lots to look forward to!

robertlady -

i don’t agree with the statement that twilight isn’t popular in japan as in europe japanese fans reactions: they are always screaming!!!!!

Alice McCarty -

Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 are great movies that will sell well in DVD
also. I think if it’s ever put out as a boxed set of all five movies, and
if all of the stars and directors ,past and present are invited to speak people who already own the single disc movies will buy the set. There is something about this series that is almost addictive. Every person seems perfect for their part. That’s rare. The soundtracks are exceptional also. They will remake this movie in a few years but how they will improve on this cast I don’t know.

just me -


good but could be better if i had time to go to and see it more twice

just me -

i just saw the other i suppose it was one of those tests where you have to find an exception to exclude the premature Alzheimer XD

just me -

as usual, thank you for the info:)

zac -



ellenj55 -

Bravo BD2

sherry -

Next time you write an article, leave the gross stuff out of it!!! Seriously, cuming !!!! Are you sure you are old enough to be in the profession that you are in?? What are you a 15 year old boy?? If you hate your job, maybe it is time to look for another one.

Clara -

I get that this is a blog site with a Kristen Stewart bias, but to suggest that the movies have been a success, because of Kristen is somewhat laughable. It is much more of a collaborative effort, thanks mostly to the love story of Edward and Bella. That is the real draw here. Robert Pattinson obviously has the larger fan base, but it isn’t even he who has driven the franchise, but the story itself. On a side note, New Moon didn’t do better because Pattinson wasn’t in it, again that is an absurd suggestion. It did the best because of the anticipation of a sequel. After the success of Twilight, fans were insatiable for more. Just because you claim something to be the case, doesn’t make it true and Kristen isn’t the reason these films are a success.

stacy -

It was amazing!!!!! It totally took my breath away and I swear my heart stopped beating! I was in shock after Carlie was killed and in tears after Jasper was killed. I love the twilight series. It is such a well written and produced movie and my hats off the ALL of the actors and actresses. I only wish there would be another book to continue following Jacob and Remesme’ throughout their live and the pregnancy of her. Does she have a tri-part baby (human, vampire, werewolf) does it look human or is it a litter? So much could still be done. Just saying!

V.J. Holmes -

This movie was Bella’s story and Kristen Stewart did an excellent job of interpreting Ms. Meyer’s character. I cannot think of anyone who could do a better job. We have it’s first director to thank for a truly inspired job of casting the Cullens and the Quelliute Indian wolf pack. Billy Burke as her father might be the best piece of casting after the three leads. They all did a brilliant job
and ended it well. Thank you Stephenie. We have enjoyed you dream. It was to say the least memorable.

Bonboy -

I only see BD2 bec of Kristen not to see your stupid vamp Rob…and iam male fan of Kristen!!!

Amy -

@Curt, that’s a curious comment, considering the movie in the series to beat was New Moon, which didn’t feature Robert Pattinson. He was barely in it. Kristen and Taylor were the focus and he wasn’t in it as much as Kristen. She held that movie together. So, I guess her pained “taking a dump” look, as you so eloquently put it, works for this series.

Team Kristen -

Kristen made this film and everyone knows it. Her portrayal of Bella and her character were the focal point of the film and were spot on. Everyone says this…even your dear precious Rob. Their chemistry together in these films are what attracted this fanbase in the first place. And guess what, Nonnies, so much for your PR theories as to why they’re back together and seemingly happier than they’ve been in years. Hiding out incognito in the English countryside without their teams, laying low and disappearing together following their press tour? Sounds EXACTLY like a famewhoring PR couple being forced together by their studio to me. You’re sooo right!!

lisaewilliams1 -

Kristen , Rob, Taylor, make all of those movies, but it has always been Bella’s story.. Love Kristen in this last one more than any of the others . She was mature, sexy, beautiful and confident.
Noone can deny that is was there on screen chemistry that drove these movies mostly Kristen and Rob.. But I agree Kristen drove these movies..

She has to be hands down one of my fave actors , and I only have 3

Me -

Sorry curt but Kristen is the reason why these movies are such
a success, same credit goes to Rob. You are only a loser. Get a life please.

curt -

Kristen almost ruined this Movie. She always looks like she is ready to take a dump. The others did much better than all the other Movies. Michael , Ashley , Nikki, Billi Taylor and Rob showed progress in their Roles.

sameer -

hi Kristen Stewart i am sam i am living deep weeping in or hearts lock in pain so pain and i Believed
you~~~~~~~me)i loved you in bout up cold ~hot underground weather and i am Updated

to hug you so so so Tiered of me till believe you. and clean your teardrops roses and i now why how
and win love you rose~~~~~~~77 ~~~~~~~
sam in India .

Freda Ericssen -

Why not to mention KS’s cheating as the main reason? After her indiscretions a lot of fans are disappointed and less enthusiastic, she’s even being booed at the theaters.

Jeremy Norton -

OHMYGOD! What’s wrong with those people?! mass shooting? That is so disturbing!


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