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Twilight: Eclipse Box Office: Good + Bad Records Broken

Twilight Eclipse Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartTwilight: Eclipse with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Eclipse had its world premiere on June 24 at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles; six days later, it boasted the top-grossing summer day ever at the domestic box office.
  • Twilight: Eclipse box office: Directed by David Slade, and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, the third installment in the Twilight Saga franchise has broken a few domestic records – both desirable and undesirable.
  • Despite Eclipse’s impressive summer box office performance, the autumnal New Moon remains the most popular Twilight movie so far.

Twilight: Eclipse box office: Starring Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, third Twilight Saga movie has shattered good & bad domestic records

Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

According to studio figures found at, on its first day out, Wednesday, June 30, Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse grossed an astounding $68.5 million – including a record-setting $30.1 million from midnight screenings – at the North American (U.S. and Canada) box office. Pundits’ opening-day estimates had ranged from $50–$75 million.

Directed by David Slade, who had previously handled the commercially disappointing vampire thriller 30 Days of Night, and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, this third installment in the Twilight Saga franchise cost a reported $68 million (as always, not including marketing and distribution expenses). If accurate, that means Eclipse – like New Moon before it – raked in more on a single day than its total production budget. A rare feat indeed for a major Hollywood release.

Now, which North American records (not adjusted for inflation) has Eclipse broken?

And here’s another box-office-related record: On opening day, U.S. and Canadian Twihards and Twihaters were able to choose from 4,416 venues (increased to 4,468 by Friday) to cheer/snicker at Bella Swan bouncing back and forth between the vampire Edward Cullen and the werewolf Jacob Black. That’s more theaters than ever before.

Key domestic records left unbroken

Now, which key domestic box office records was Twilight: Eclipse unable to break?

For starters, the best first day ever still belongs to Chris Weitz’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($72.7 million), released on a Friday in November 2009. Eclipse is the runner-up.

For comparison’s sake: The Jon Favreau-Robert Downey Jr. blockbuster Iron Man 2 – like Eclipse, a sequel – debuted with $51.2 million on its first day out (Friday) a few weeks ago, while the biggest single-day take of James Cameron’s mammoth hit Avatar was $28.3 million last Dec. 26.

Two other unbroken domestic records are those of best (first) weekend and best Fourth of July weekend, which remain in the hands of, respectively, The Dark Knight ($158.4 million) and the 2004 Sam Raimi-Tobey Maguire collaboration Spider-Man 2 ($88.2 million; around $113 million adjusted for inflation).

Eclipse collected $64.8 million on its first weekend out, July 2–4.

Apples, oranges & pineapples

Of course, The Dark Knight opened on a Friday; its first weekend was also its first three days out. (On its first three days, Wed.–Fri., Eclipse grossed $120.9 million.) Spider-Man 2, on the other hand, opened on Wednesday, June 30 – just like Eclipse.

Caveat: On the July 4 weekend, Eclipse went against fellow newcomer The Last Airbender, which debuted on Thursday, July 1; M. Night Shyamalan’s 3D-converted fantasy adventure went on to gross a better than expected $40.3 million. Spider-Man 2, on the other hand, had its first weekend to itself; the no. 2 title was Michael Moore’s controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 (an estimated $16.4 million), then on its second weekend out.

An aside: Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, which opened on a Friday in November 2008, pulled in $69.6 million on its debut weekend.

Twilight Eclipse Xavier Samuel Newborn Vampire ArmyTwilight: Eclipse with Xavier Samuel accompanied by an army of newborn vampires. On Eclipse’s first weekend, Summit tried to perk up audience interest by shipping several cast members to screenings across the U.S. – e.g., Dakota Fanning in Los Angeles, Xavier Samuel in New York.

The box office record that should have been left intact

All three Twilight Saga movies to date have been plagued by the Gelatin-Legged Box Office Syndrome, likely caused by a combination of mediocre reviews and the general perception that the Twi-movies are girlish. Thus, strong debuts have been followed by precipitous drop-off rates.

That helps to explain why on July 1 Twilight: Eclipse broke a unique – and uniquely undesirable – record: Steepest Wednesday–Thursday decline, 65 percent.

That also helps to explain why Eclipse brought in “only” $157.6 million by the end of Sunday – far less than the rosiest ($200+ million) predictions.

Admittedly, the record-shattering $30.1 million earned from midnight screenings was chiefly to blame for the Wed.–Thu. drop-off rate, while the fact that The Last Airbender opened that day surely didn’t help matters any – including over the weekend.

And yet…

For comparison’s sake: In spite of dismal reviews, on its first five days out (Wed.–Sun.) the ungirlish Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen collected $200.1 million at around the same time last year, while the far better-received (and guy-oriented) Spider-Man 2 reached $152.4 million in 2004 (or about $195 million today).

Crossing the $200 million & $250 million milestones

Update: Twilight: Eclipse crossed the domestic $200 million milestone on its ninth day, reaching $203.7 million while landing in the no. 10 slot on Box Office Mojo’s “fastest movies to reach $200 million” chart (not adjusted for inflation).

The other movies that crossed the $200 million mark on Day 9 are Pixar/Disney’s Toy Story 3, Spider-Man 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

For comparison’s sake: New Moon crossed the $200 million mark on Day 8, landing in the list’s no. 4 slot, behind The Dark Knight, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Update II: In the no. 14 slot on the Box Office Mojo chart, Eclipse passed the $250 million milestone on Day 16, right behind New Moon. Among the top 25 movies on the “fastest to $250 million” chart, New Moon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are the only two titles that failed to gross more than $300 million domestically.

Eclipse vs. New Moon: Lies, damned lies and box office rankings

Aug. 20 update: With a cume of $296.7 million, Twilight: Eclipse officially surpassed its predecessor, New Moon, at the domestic box office on Aug. 19 (Day 51). New Moon, which opened in fall 2009, ended its run with $296.6 million after 133 days.

But does “officially” mean “actually”?

Without adjusting for inflation or 3D/IMAX surcharges (to better reflect attendance figures), Eclipse is at no. 35 on Box Office Mojo’s chart of the biggest blockbusters ever in the U.S. and Canada. New Moon is no. 36.

Adjusted for inflation, neither movie is to be found among the Top 100. That particular chart begins with Victor Fleming’s Gone with the Wind ($1.6 billion) and ends with Lee Unkrich’s Toy Story 2 ($380.3 million).

Twilight Eclipse Nikki Reed Kellan LutzTwilight: Eclipse with Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen and Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale.

New Moon remains ahead

So, adjusted for higher ticket prices – using the National Association of Theater Owners’ annual average – New Moon would have grossed approximately $299.6 million in 2010 – nearly $3 million more than Eclipse’s total to date.

Something else: Eclipse was screened at 193 IMAX theaters in North America, which are about 30 percent more expensive than regular movie houses. In its first week out, Eclipse pulled in $9 million at those IMAX venues (the equivalent of approx. $6.9 million at a regular theater). New Moon didn’t have that revenue-inflating luxury.

And that means for Eclipse to pass New Moon in number of tickets sold, it’ll have to gross – and this is a guesstimate based on the information above – at least another $5–$6 million domestically, or reach a cume around $302–$303 million. Chances are it’ll get there and a little beyond before running its course.

Only Twilight Saga movie to reach $300 million domestically

Update: As it turned out, Eclipse – barely – became the only Twilight Saga movie to earn more than $300 million domestically (on Day 81), ultimately endings its run with $300.5 million.*

And that means New Moon remains the most-watched Twi-entry on U.S. and Canadian screens, especially when one considers that Summit had presented a one-night-only Twilight/New Moon combo on June 26 – two days after Eclipse’s world premiere in Los Angeles – that brought in $2.4 million from 2,037 sites.

A partial lunar eclipse could be seen in parts of the world on that date, while assorted Twilight Saga cast members could be seen in attendance at theaters across the United States.

* Ahead of Twilight: Eclipse on the 2010 domestic box office chart were James Cameron’s Avatar ($466.1 million), Lee Unkrich’s Toy Story 3 ($415 million), Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland ($334.2 million), and Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 ($312.4 million).

Another anomalous global blockbuster

Internationally, Twilight: Eclipse scored $398 million, bringing its final worldwide total to $698.5 million.

Like Twilight and New Moon before it, just as impressive as the box office figures is the fact that the Kristen Stewart-focused Eclipse was an anomalous global blockbuster, as it revolves around a live-action female character.

Indeed, among the Top Twelve worldwide box office hits released in 2010 (Eclipse was no. 6) the only other title to have a live-action woman at its center was Alice in Wonderland, starring Mia Wasikowska.

Eclipse’s top international markets were the following: The United Kingdom/Ireland ($45.7 million), Germany ($33.1 million), France ($33 million), Brazil ($30.5 million), Russia/CIS ($26.4 million), Spain ($25.1 million), Australia ($22.1 million), Italy ($20.7 million), and Mexico ($20.6 million).

Eclipse ahead or behind New Moon globally?

New Moon took in $413.2 million internationally (58.1 percent of the global total) in late 2009 and early 2010, but valid comparisons to Eclipse are difficult to make in large part because of the European Union’s financial crisis (the Greek and Portuguese economic debacles) last spring/summer.

These upheavals made the euro lose more than 20 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar between November 2009, when New Moon opened, and June 2010, when Eclipse opened. In turn, that devaluation impacted the dollar amount of Eclipse’s revenues from the euro region.

Other currencies around the world suffered as well.

Eclipse movie cast

Besides Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, the extensive Twilight: Eclipse cast includes:

Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard (replacing Rachelle Lefevre), Xavier Samuel, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Dakota Fanning, Booboo Stewart, Billy Burke, Daniel Cudmore, Jodelle Ferland, Cameron Bright, and Sarah Clarke.

Plus Michael Welch, Charlie Bewley, Kiowa Gordon, Justin Chon, Julia Jones, Alex Meraz, Jack Huston, and Oscar nominees Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, 2004) and Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, 2009).

Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight, New Moon) was credited for the adaptation of the third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy book series.

Twilight: Eclipse Box Office: Good + Bad Records Broken” notes

Unless otherwise noted, “Twilight: Eclipse Box Office: Good + Bad Records Broken” box office information via Box Office Mojo. Budget info – which should be taken with a grain of salt – via BOM and/or other sources (e.g., the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Screen Daily, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety,, etc.).

Comments about Twilight: Eclipse and other titles being hits/profitable or flops/money-losers at the box office (see paragraph below) are based on the available data about their production budget, additional marketing and distribution expenses (as a general rule of thumb, around 50 percent of the production cost), and worldwide gross (as a general rule of thumb when it comes to the Hollywood studios, around 50–55 percent of the domestic gross and 40 percent of the international gross goes to the distributing/producing companies).

Bear in mind that data regarding rebates, domestic/international sales/pre-sales, and other credits and/or contractual details that help to alleviate/split production costs and apportion revenues are oftentimes unavailable, and that reported international grosses may be incomplete (i.e., not every territory is fully – or even partially – accounted for).

Also bear in mind that ancillary revenues (domestic/global television rights, home video sales, streaming, merchandising, etc.) can represent anywhere between 40–70 percent of a movie’s total take. However, these revenues and their apportionment are only infrequently made public.

Lastly, although a more accurate reflection of a film’s popularity (i.e., its number of tickets sold), inflation-adjusted estimates should be taken with extreme caution. For instance, they’re based on average domestic ticket prices (via the National Association of Theater Owners, unless otherwise noted) whereas numerous major releases scored a large chunk of their box office take at top-priced venues.

Twilight: Eclipse movie images: Kimberley French | Summit Entertainment.

Twilight: Eclipse Box Office: Good + Bad Records Broken” last updated in August 2023.

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Michael -

Eclipse was one of the worst movies of the year. After winning the Teen Choice Award for Best Summer Movie over Inception, Eclipse is assured to win the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.

CKTwi -

Yay for Eclipse. I love Robsten and I’ve gone to see the movie four times. It is doing super and I’m so proud to be a fan. I agree about our fandom. I’ve met some of my best friends in it. And BTW, I’m not a teenage girl.

Sol -

Come on!! Eclipse is a wonderful love story and it has done great in the theaters. It has made so much money already and it will surpass New Moon for sure!!

lina88 -

The Last Airbender was a good movie. Eclipse was cheesy at best. I think The Sorcerer’s Apprentice will give Eclipse even more competition than Despicable Me.

Sherry -

The Twilight Saga Eclipse has no bad news. Summit made their budget back in a day. The movie has grossed $456 million worldwide in less than 2 weeks. The falloff was only 48%. Despicable Me was in higher priced 3D theaters too. People will go see Eclipse multiple times. I think it can get $900 million worldwide before the run is over. If people hate Twilight that’s on them. Not only is it successful the community is successful. People that write Twilight fanfictions auction them off for Alex’s Lemonade, a popular charity, and The Fandom Gives Back has raised over $120,000 off of that so far this year. I don’t know any other fandom with as much heart and dedication as the Twilight one.

Jen -

I loved Eclipse!! Hope it stays on top for quite a while!

Gina -

The Last Airbender was one of the worst movies I’ve seen! Eclipse was the BEST movie I’ve seen this year and a movie that both my boyfriend and I enjoyed equally.

Noha -

well,,.. guys !! i saw eclipse and its an amzing film .. its the best of the three ..and Robert was acting perfectly .. and taylor also was hot and he made the tent scene comedy and Kristen for the first time out of the three movies she began to act good .. and my favourite scenes were the tent scene .. then when bella accepted to marry Edward.. and the last scene was when she kissed jacob and how Edward was sooooooo kind and didnt hurt her …i love how Edward wasnt mad .. but i hated that she KISSED JACOB !!!

but at the end i have to say for all those ppl who are reading my comment they are sure asking if i was team edward or jacob ok .. then .. i am answering that …

I was at first TEAM EDWARD .. and i completetly HATED Jacob .. but when i saw Eclipse i ADORED EDWARD AND loved Jacob!!! so i have to tell i am Team Edward then Team Jacob !! :D :D
N.B : the books are much better !!

sandra -

I loved Eclipse movie, It was awesome

Mom2 -

I am also very disappointed with Summit and Stephenie. Knowing how the fans really loved her books, I’m disappointed that Stephanie Meyers allowed them to change the characters from the book so much, especially Edward and Bella. In the books, Bella and Edward are deeply in love and show their feelings for each other all the time. Instead of showing some of the many tender moments between Edward and Bella from the book, they made up totally bogus scenes for Jacob and for Bella which make absolutely no sense whatsoever. If they had stayed true to the book, the box office would have been so much better. The fans want to see the story from the books, not some made up story for the critics to evaluate. We don’t like the Edward, Bella, or Jacob they have created for the movie. They are almost the exact opposite of the characters in the book.

acp -

You obviously do like them. Summit isn’t putting anything into these popcorn films yet you make sure they all make well over $600 million and sell a bunch of DVD’s. If you hate it, boycott. This one didn’t do as well as the last one. The last one was Bella and Jacob. Maybe the teen audience liked that love better.

I haven’t read the books, so from watching the movies, I wonder why and if Bella and Edward are in love. I sit through these for Kristen Stewart. If this is what it takes for her to keep doing fantastic indies, where she actually shows range, then I’ll put up with it. I wouldn’t says a movie that has made 10 times it’s budget a disappointment though.

Mom2 -

I didn’t say I hated it, I said I was disappointed they did not stay true to the book. Yes, a lot of Taylor fans and people who have not read the books really loved the movie. But there are a lot of Edward and Bella fans who would like to see the love and romance these two had in the books: their true romance does not come through in the movie. Not only that, but they negatively changed the character of Edward and Bella from those in the book. There are a lot more Robert Pattinson fans than there are Taylor fans and the people who haven’t read the books wouldn’t know the difference. So, if they had stayed true to the characters and romance from the book they would have gotten even more money, because more Robert and Kristen fans would return to see the movie over and over again. The book series is about the romance between Bella and Edward and very little of that comes across on the screen, but not having read the books, you wouldn’t miss that.

pc -

Summit probably thought people were going to see it over and over and over. But in order to get that you have to stay true to the book. The essence of the book again is missing from the movie. The E&B story was not true to the book. My friends and I were like what’s with that Bella speech at the end?

I’ve given up on ever seeing the “true” E&B story on screen.

lukewarm -

I’ve never read the books, but I like Jacob better. Eclipse needed more Jacob. My theater had the most reaction in the Bella and Jake scenes. Edward comes across as extremely boring. The part where she’s worrying about what to tell people and he says it doesn’t matter because in a few years they’ll all be dead. What a way to reassure your girlfriend, Edward. I never feel the love. The movie will probably still make over seven hundred million and break a DVD record so I don’t get the big deal.

Mom2 -

Lukewarm said: “I’ve never read the books, but I like Jacob better. Eclipse needed more Jacob. My theater had the most reaction in the Bella and Jake scenes.”
Your comment is one of the reasons “Book Fans” are upset about the movie. There is a good explanation as to why you came away from the movie liking Jacob better. Summit left the real Edward Cullen on the pages of the book and changed the script so that Jacob looked more appealing. The book is not about Jacob and Bella; it is about the romance between Edward and Bella. But Summit left out everything in the book that causes one to fall in love with Edward including his strong character and love and affection for Bella. They also left the real Bella on the pages of the book and made it look like she really didn’t care that much about Edward; when in reality, Bella was madly in love with Edward and hated it when she had to be away from him [hence, the reason to be together during the fight scene]. So, you “like Jacob better”. Not having read the books, I guess you would; Summit changed the characters and left out the romance between the real Edward and Bella. This made Jacob look more appealing; what else was there left for you to do?

Wolf_Girl -

I love the wolf pack! :) I think the wolf pack makes this movie awesome! Without the wolf pack, the movies would be boring. GO WOLVES! =]


LilyCC -

I’m so happy that Eclipse is close to $300 million domestic. It’s made more than $650 worldwide so it’s on par to make about the same as New Moon. Summit is so lucky that they bought this series. The last three movies less than $150 for all three and they’ve done close to $2 billion. Other studios should be so lucky.

Also Rob is almost finished filming WFE which I’m very excited to see next year. Kristen is starting On the Road today and that’s just huge. It’s one of the top 100 books of all times and she’s playing the only living person. I am dying for pictures of her and Garrett Hedlund in costume. It’s a great time to be a Twilight fan. The success of the movies have helped all the actors/actresses get other roles. I wish I could play one of the bit parts in Breaking Dawn.

Oh and I must say I loved the Eclipse picture you chose. That was one of my favorite scene. I look forward to posts about WFE and OTR.


Kristen Stewart was really cute in the tent scene with her little beanie. It distracted me for a minute. I also liked Taylor Lautner because he added comedy to the scene. I don’t think Eclipse is going to do as well as New Moon. New Moon made $709 million and it didn’t play on Imax or as many screens as Eclipse. I’m not sure why you say it’s performing better. It also has the advantage of coming out in the summer and it’s a quarter billion dollars away from New Moon. I don’t plan to see the last two movies because I can see that the movies aren’t getting any better. I do plan to see KS and TL projects outside of Twilight.


New Moon was better. I don’t like Robert Pattinson playing Edward, so I was glad he was gone. Book Edward was one of my all time favorite literary characters, but movie Edward sucks. No one understands why Bella would choose him over Jacob. In the book, Edward Cullen had a dark sense of humor and he seemed tough. In the movies, he’s a brooding wimp with no personality. Edward is technically dead, but not that dead. RP plays him like he’s a corpse. I think Eclipse will end at about $600 million at the worldwide box office. I don’t see it beating New Moon. I also didn’t like Bryce Dallas Howard, who probably only got the job due to nepotism. If they had to replace Victoria, they could have a least done it with someone that was as good as RL. She wasn’t scary at all. The fight scenes were good but they were too short. Overall I’m disappointed because I loved the book, but the movie was mediocre. The critics only like it because they like Kristen Stewart and David Slade. it wasn’t better than the original or the sequel.

sandra -

I love Eclipse. Much better movie than New Moon.

jana -

I saw Eclipse with one friend on Tues & will see it again with another friend next week. We purposely waited til the theaters weren’t crowded & went mid-week. The tent scene was my favorite. Rob seemed more natural in that scene than any other IMO. He has more facial expressions that match his words and feelings than most actors. He’s extraordinary!

bettyel -

I’ve seen it 3 times and still aren’t tired of looking at Rob and all.

Dena -

I guess all the haters proclaiming Twilight is dead because it fell a couple million short of New Moon on opening weekend can now just suck it!

yessica -

This eclipse is a crap,I never like this and robert patt too,he is ugly and is not a good actor.,eclipse this week made only 11 millons !! ,and is number two in the box office it’s going down so fast

bettyel -

Sorry Yessica but I cannot agree with you. It’s the highest grossing film of the summer (for the number of days it’s been out) and will probably surpass New Moon which did 3/4 billion dollars in ticket sales. So far, worldwide, Eclipse has taken in $456 million and it hasn’t even opened yet in many countries. All the Twilight fans seem to agree that Eclipse is the best movie yet out of the 3 Twlight films released so far and it appeals to both sexes.

Tyranus -

Misery loves company and clearly both posters above watched a miserable movie and want others to suffer the same fate. This movie was so bad, the words to describe it have yet to be invented.

jen -

the movie has staying power compared to the past two twilight movies. It surely penetrated the guy marke.t

dale kelsch -

the movie is awesome , compared to the new moon saga I felt that Its more connected to the twilight saga ( 1st one) I did not feel rush and the director is excellent ..and I love that edward and bella is allowed to act more like a real couple in this movie who are really inlove with each other…I have seen the movie for the 5th times already and I’am pretty sure I will continue to be seeing it as long as it stays on theaters…4x per week is not too much for me at all and I love seeing it in the IMAX cinema.

bettyel -

That Eclipse is doing so well is no surprise. If I had one criticism, it’s that there are too many closeups of the 3 leads. All in all it’s a great movie and will get a lot of return visits from moviegoers. I’ve seen it twice and will probably see it again before it leaves the theatres.

Jucarii -

I am a great fan of twilight. I can bearly wait that the DVD is released so that i can watch it over and over again.

GESterRob -

Great Movie!! By far the best. There are some parts I would have liked to see; however, that would have added another hour to the movie. I would have liked to see the class room scene with the note passing about escaping from the airplain, and Bella breaking down after seeing Jacob after his injury and Edward staying with her throughout the night, and Bella having the conversation with Alice about the wedding. Those would have been great to see in this movie; but nevertheless, GREAT Movie. Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn. With the increased budget and the fact that they are breaking the movie into two parts(Thank God)they should be able to stay more inline with the book. Each movie has been getting increasing better!

nikki -

also the actors and actresses really seem to pull through completely in these series of movies maybe you could come up with another series of movies he could act together in,they;ve got good mojo together. really awesome movies. wish i could meet them all.

vero -

i love the comment “doesent he own a shirt?” that one is so cool. make more movies with these actors they seem to fit tgether like a fancy pair of gloves,dont let it end this way so soon mrs. myers!!!!!!!!!!!

bennetsue -

I have been to Eclipse 4 times and plan to go every week till it’s no longer showing….or my heart stops beating…Loved the movie – the tent and propasal scenes were the best. Great Job by all. The new Victoria was amazing and the growls and wolves were fantastic. Well Done!! Dig Twilight Forever! I’m busy matching the coundtrak with the scenes like I have done for the other 2 movies and it really makes me smile!

Monica -

I have seen Eclipse 2ce now and although I do like the movie better than the 1st 2 because it is more action oriented, I was a bit disappointed at the discrepancies from the book. The character makeup keeps getting more eery as we go, so that a normal high school person looking at a Cullen can’t possibly think that is just wierd contacts. Too pale, even for Forks. And the lipstick. Um, let’s get back to trying to fit in. That is not unusual for the movies to be different from the books, however, the fact that Jasper appears in high school with everyone at the table, while he and Rosalie are supposed to be twins and already graduated (in the 3rd book)…that’s a major oops. Anyway, in all I still liked Eclipse, but I am really hoping they take full advantage of making Breaking Dawn into 2 movies and telling the great finale properly. Maybe the new director will get this one even better.

catrina -

does anybody have an idea why in the world eclipse comes out in major territories like england and germany weeks later??? i really can’t make sense of that, since i found out that a lot of the people already have seen the movie online through leaked copies. they are all over the internet. why doesn’t anybody do somthing against that?? i’ve never seen a movie been hurt that bad through piracy like eclipse. on one site it had 490 000 illegal downloads on it. on just ONE site, from like a dozen or more. imagine all this people would have gone to the movies, eclipse would have made millions more. i don’t get it, they really should have premiered at the same time here in germany, they lost sooo much money already.

Helen -

I don’t see it making New Moon numbers. It will end around $500 million. The Twihards are growing up and their are better young adult novels like The Hunger Games taking their attention.

bluebell -

eclipse is still strong. the twi-hards definitely will return to their sit for this weekend for 2nd time, and the overseas box office still not counted until tuesday or monday. eclipse is doing really good with cost only usd 68 millions, they have reached usd 250 million for only 5 days.

everyone who think otherwise is definitely under estimate the movie and the fans.

Angela -

I disagree with Natasha, and it’s unfair to compare Eclipse with Spider-Man. Spider-Man has fans across generations and gender, while Twilight is still a recent thing, and the fan base hasn’t across geneder yet. So, one would expect that Spider-Man does better in the box office. And I think Spider-Man 2 was a well-thought out movie, while as much as I like Eclipise I think the movie studio rushed the production. Something has suffered because of it.

No offence.. to the Twi-hard, because I’m one myself, although I’m quite with Team Edward.

Natasha -

Team Jacob has more fans. No one cares about Edward and Bella. If there was more Jacob and less Edward, this may have broken the record.

Mercy -

Natasha, are you sure Jacob has many fans than Edward? Well you’re absolutely wrong!!!There are so many Team Edward like in my country Philippines. look at the result of MTV awards. Though Robert is just a supporting in New Moon, he beat Taylor. So it means there are so many Team Edward.
Taylor is fake??? look at his interview he’s not real unlike robert and kristen. Taylor is very obssess for “fame”. He’s not qualified for the part of Jcob Black!

Mercy -

the highlights of the movie is Edward-Bella tandem not the manipulator Jacob.

Marty -

I don’t think comparing any movie to the box office of ‘Eclipse’ is exactly a fair thing. 30 mil in the first day is amazing. Airbender is doing very, very well. I personally liked. Im not sure what I expected, but this was good. Most people seemed to like it too. The ones that didn’t wouldn’t shut up, however. I hope thats not a rude thing to say, but its true. Its a good movie for young viewers.

Gina -

Kristen seems like an awesome “one of a kind person” but the reason I stood in line for 6 hours to see Eclipse opening night was the Jacob/Bella kiss. The audience made noise whenever Taylor came on the screen. Eclipse was well worth the wait!

Ehvalinaashines. -

As long as It is adjusted for inflation which is what really counts then i am cool That twilight still hasn’t surpassed TDK . That movie was bomb. hehe. :)

All is good

bettyel -

I correctly predicted New Moon’s domestic gross at almost 300 million. I now predict Eclipse’s domestic gross total at 400 million and with worldwide thrown in, 3/4 billion. I’ll be interested to see how close I come. I loved the film and can’t wait to see it again asap.

saerint -

my highest admiration to Kristen stewart.. she was the reason i watched Twilight the 1st saga.. she was great amazing.she really nailed bella Joan Jet she shocked us with her performance,welcome to the riley i just saw the trailer..she’s mesmerizing,great and oscar contender i might say.. i’m not being biased. its just that we have to painfully realized that she is and will be a great actress.. and her personality genuine and real..she’s so different form the rest of the hollywood celebrity..wish to see her winning oscars in her future


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