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Twilight Movies’ Milestone + Rio Crime Frightens Filmmakers

Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

Sept. 30 update: We all know that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, members of the Cullen Clan (Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz), the Volturi Clan (among them Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Charlie Bewley, Daniel Cudmore), and the Wolf Pack (Julia Jones, Tyson Houseman, Alex Meraz, Booboo Stewart, Kiowa Gordon, etc.) will be coming back for the Bill Condon-directed The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn parts I and II.

Summit Entertainment has recently announced a slew of other supporting players, as Breaking Dawn offers a whole array of new characters.

Most important of all is that nine-year-old Mackenzie Foy will be playing Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s half-vampire, half-human daughter, who grows remarkably fast and can make people see her thoughts – which is pretty much the opposite of Bella, whose thoughts no one can read.

Unwittingly, Renesmee also gets her parents in deep trouble.

Additionally, the “vegetarian” Denali Clan in now complete. MyAnna Buring will be Tanya; Casey LaBow will play Kate; Mia Maestro will be Carmen; The Hurt Locker‘s Christian Camargo will be Eleazar; and The Descent and Vampire Killers’ Maggie Grace will play Irina, who out of vindictiveness nearly destroys both the Cullens and the whole status quo of the vampire realm.

Also, Rami Malek had been previously announced as the Egyptian vampire Benjamin, who has the (somewhat untested) ability to control the elements.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will start filming in November.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

Sept. 19

Twilight movie passing $300 million milestone. (Image: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing, Twilight: Eclipse.) Despite losing 848 theaters – following a weekend-long increase in venues (officially) to celebrate Bella Swan’s birthday – David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has finally crossed the $300 million milestone at the North American box office after 12 weekends (81 days) out. The third installment in the Twilight movie franchise star Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (kissing above), in addition to Taylor Lautner as the third side in the saga’s vampire-human-werewolf romantic triangle.

According to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo, Summit Entertainment’s Eclipse (budget: $68 million) took in $205,000 at 339 sites, reaching a grand total of $300.099 million. Thanks to higher ticket prices and a highly profitable IMAX run in July, Eclipse has become the first Twilight Saga movie to pass the $300 million milestone in the U.S. and Canada.

On Box Office Mojo’s chart (not adjusted for inflation) showing the fastest movies to reach $300 million domestically, Eclipse is at the no. 27 slot, sandwiched between David Yates’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($300 million after 77 days in 2009) and Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ($300.1 million after 101 days in 2003).

Twilight movie box office: Eclipse vs. New Moon

Yet, to date Chris Weitz’s Nov. 2009 release The Twilight Saga: New Moon (total U.S. and Canada gross: $296.6 million) in all probability has sold more tickets domestically than Eclipse.

In order for Eclipse to beat New Moon in that regard, it’ll have to gross another $2-$3 million. That’s not an impossible task.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ended its run with $302 million, while Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl took in $305.4 million.

Note: The fastest movie to pass the $300 million milestone domestically was Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale / Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight in 2008: 10 days. The slowest was Robert Zemeckis / Tom HanksForrest Gump in 1994: 193 days. Bear in mind that at the time Forrest Gump came out, movie ticket prices were considerably lower and film distribution was quite different than nowadays.

Three other 2010 releases have passed the $300 million mark to date. They are Lee Unkrich / Tom Hanks’ Toy Story 3 ($410.6 million), Tim Burton / Johnny Depp / Mia Wasikowska’s Alice in Wonderland ($334.19 million), and Jon Favreau / Robert Downey Jr / Scarlett Johansson’s Iron Man 2 ($312.12m).

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cast

In addition to Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse features Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, Dakota Fanning, Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, and Kellan Lutz.

Plus: Cameron Bright, Daniel Cudmore, Charlie Bewley, Michael Welch, Anna Kendrick, Booboo Stewart, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Christian Serratos, Sarah Clarke, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Chaske Spencer, and Julia Jones. Melissa Rosenberg adapted Stephenie Meyer’s third Twilight novel.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing picture: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment.

Sept. 12

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Starring Robert Pattinson as the vampire Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart as the human Bella Swan, and Taylor Lautner as the werewolf Jacob Black, and directed by David Slade from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the best-received of the three movies to date based on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga novels.

Now, although Eclipse is also the most successful Twilight movie at the North American box office if you look only at the dollar figures – an estimated $299.63 million after 75 days – it actually has sold fewer tickets than its predecessor, Chris Weitz’s fall 2009 release The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

But Twihards, don’t despair.

Eclipse will almost certainly surpass New Moon in number of tickets sold as well. All it needs is to gross another three or four million dollars during its run.

That’s not an impossible task, considering that just this past weekend Eclipse collected $745k after the Summit Entertainment release added 791 theaters, officially to celebrate Bella’s birthday (Sept. 13).

In fact, Eclipse should be crossing the $300 million mark sometime next weekend – perhaps even as early as Thursday. (And that takes us to the unofficial reason for Summit’s decision to expand the number of Eclipse‘s screens this weekend.)

Eclipse will then become the first Twilight Saga movie to pass that milestone – admittedly, with the assistance of higher ticket prices and several millions earned at costlier IMAX venues.

Earnings should go down again in the near future, but the $302m-$303 million figure – which would place Eclipse unquestionably above New Moon, regardless of inflation or IMAX surcharges – remains within reach.

Worldwide, New Moon will likely remain on top. Its total take was $709 million vs. $672 million to date for Eclipse.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment).

Sept. 8

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It remains unclear whether Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, to be directed by Bill Condon, and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, will be shot in Rio de Janeiro, where Bella and Edward spend their fateful honeymoon.

The problem – or at least the chief problem – is reportedly tied to security issues in that city and the homonymous state in which it’s located.

The latest on that from RioFilme’s director/president Sérgio Sá Leitão – in a tweet dated Sept. 6 – is that Breaking Dawn will “apparently” be shot in Rio, “though that hasn’t been confirmed, yet.”

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Sept. 2

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been quoted as saying that “we’re working on it to be as intense as it is in the book.” (Via

“It,” of course, is Renesmee’s birth sequence, during which Bella suffers and bleeds and suffers some more and bleeds buckets more so as to give birth to a daughter that is part human, part vampire in Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

“I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show,” Rosenberg added. “It’s about the intensity of it. It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going [on]. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.”

Kristen Stewart will play Renesmee’s nearly-broken-to-smithereens mother, Robert Pattinson the concerned father, Taylor Lautner the imprinting “protector” and potential future boyfriend.

Come to think of it, considering how fast Renesmee grows in the novel, it shouldn’t take very long for the werewolf to pair up with the human-vampire freak – except that there won’t be The Twilight Saga: High Noon for the Jacob-Renesmee romance to blossom.

Now, everyone talks about the birth scene, even though I believe that for a director and/or screenwriter the most difficult part of the Breaking Dawn adaptation will be the last section of the book – the extended confrontation between good and bad vampires, which ends (spoilers ahead) rather anticlimactically.

Bill Condon will be directing Breaking Dawn, to be split into two parts. I’d be very surprised if Part I doesn’t end à la Avatar, with a close-up of Bella’s crimson eyes after the transformation has taken place following Renesmee’s birth.

According to the report, Rosenberg has been in Baton Rouge working with Condon on rewrites.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Aug. 27

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Twilight
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson in Catherine Hardwicke’s 2008 fantasy Twilight

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn “producers” are in Rio, according to RioFilme’s director/president Sérgio Sá Leitão.

Answering a query from a fellow twitterer about whether the Breaking Dawn producers had given up on Rio, Leitão tweeted that “they’re in Rio. I can’t give out any details. The decision will be made soon.”

In a follow-up tweet, he added: “Breaking Dawn in Rio = Investments of US$1.5 million in the city + creation of many jobs + great publicity for Rio + 1 gift to the fans.”

The three official Breaking Dawn producers are Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, and Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer.

Whether any of those are in Rio, or if Leitão was referring to Summit Entertainment executives is unclear.

In Meyer’s novel, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) spend their honeymoon on a small island off of Rio de Janeiro.

Last week’s deadly shootout between police and slumlords reportedly left the Breaking Dawn powers-that-be leery of filming in Rio.

According to RioFilme’s director/president Sérgio Sá Leitão’s latest tweets, negotiations continue for shooting segments of Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Rio de Janeiro. Summit had reportedly been afraid of filming in Rio following the latest deadly shootout between police and slumlords.

Directed by Bill Condon, and starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, the two-part Breaking Dawn is slated to start filming in Louisiana in early November.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart is in the southern Argentinean town of Bariloche working on Walter SallesOn the Road, based on Jack Kerouac’s novel. Local filming of the mostly French production (with some American, British, and Brazilian financing) reportedly ends on Saturday.

According to several sources, the production’s next stop is New Orleans. Though not included in the film’s original press release, Mexico has been mentioned as another filming location in various reports.

As an aside: According to a story I heard while visiting Bariloche, Walt Disney was inspired by the region’s fairy-taleish forests while working on Bambi.

Aug. 25

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

What do drug gangs, abysmal social disparities, rampant street crime, corrupt/inept politicians, an ineffectual police force, a mostly apathetic population, and tropical beaches have in common with vampires and Hollywood movie stars?

Well, according to Agence France Presse (via RobPattzNews), Summit Entertainment was in talks with RioFilme, Rio de Janeiro’s official film agency, to shoot segments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, in the tropical paradise where about 350 people get murdered each month – and that’s the lowest figure in about two decades.

Truth be told, the figure above covers the whole of the state of Rio de Janeiro (population: est. 16 million), which includes numerous poor suburbs that suffer from some of the worst crime rates in the world.

Relatively speaking, Rio’s wealthier South Zone (Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, etc.) is safe despite last weekend’s battle pitting a special unit of Rio’s police force against slumlords, who then invaded a posh hotel and held dozens of hostages. None of the guests were hurt, but one person was killed and six were wounded as a result of the shootout. Talk about “denigrating the Brazilian image.” (Sylvester Stallone, who shot some of The Expendables in Rio, was much criticized in Brazil for “denigrating the Brazilian image” while cracking tasteless jokes about Rio’s insecurity situation – and for adding a monkey to the mix – during his Comic-Con stint.)

So really, who can blame Summit Entertainment if they decide to shoot Breaking Dawn‘s Rio scenes elsewhere? In fact, I can’t understand why they’d want to shoot in Brazil to begin with, as Edward and Bella’s honeymoon is spent on a tiny island off of Rio. That island could be recreated anywhere where there’s lush tropical foliage, lots of water, and half-Amazon Indians and “libishomem” hopping about. Rio’s vistas could easily be shot by a second-unit crew.

Yet, Rio may still be an option.

“Still about Breaking Dawn,” tweeted RioFilme’s director-president Sérgio Sá Leitão, “Mayor Eduardo Paes and Governor Sérgio Cabral have offered total security to the producers. It may still happen.”

If only Rio de Janeiro’s 16 million denizens had that sort of guarantee. (I mention above that Rio’s denizens are “mostly apathetic.” They’re not the only ones. Apathy and its sister disease, idiocy, are global pandemics.)

Now, back to Breaking Dawn: in answer to a query from the site Twilight Lexicon (via the “TwiExaminer“), Summit has issued the following statement: “The possibility of filming portions of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN in Brazil has always been under consideration and we are continuing to scout locations within the country.”

Directed by Bill Condon, Breaking Dawn is slated to begin filming on Nov. 1 in Louisiana.

Breaking Dawn in (or out) of Rio text above initially posted by André Soares.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Aug. 24

Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Knight and Day
Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Knight and Day

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are safe – for now. But Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bündchen, and Brad Pitt, in that order, are anything but according to online security specialist McAfee’s latest “The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms.”

In The Tech Herald, Steven Mostyn wonders why Pattinson and Stewart – and one might add Taylor Lautner as well – haven’t been tapped as major traps for Twilight Saga fans. That is curious indeed.

The term “Cameron Diaz,” on the other hand, “will create a 10 percent chance of landing on a site infected with or attempting to increase the spread of Malware, while specifically searching for Cameron Diaz screensavers increases the risk to 20 percent,” Mostyn explains. (His source is Dave Marcus, director of McAfee’s security research and communication.)

And be careful before clicking on a tinyurl on Twitter or Facebook or Digg or what-have-you announcing “Jessica Biel’s new movie” or “Brad Pitt naked” or some such. If you don’t trust the poster of the abbreviated url, don’t click on it.

Photo: Knight and Day (Frank Masi / 20th Century Fox)

Walter Salles

In the wee hours of Sunday morning (Aug. 2010), Walter Salles finished shooting what the Brazilian daily O Globo calls “the first phase” of the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Filming began three weeks ago in Quebec. In a note to filmmaker Cacá Diegues, Salles declared himself “happy with the scenes shot up to now. [We have] excellent actors and a passionate crew that is fully committed to the film.”

On the Road stars Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Garrett Hedlund, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard, Alice Braga, and Tom Sturridge.

Jose Rivera, who collaborated with Salles on The Motorcycle Diaries, penned the screen adaptation.

On the Road: The Cinema of Walter Salles is the title of Brazilian journalist Marcos Strecker’s book on the career of filmmaker Walter Salles, best known for his road movies Central Station (1998) and The Motorcycle Diaries (2004).

Currently working on a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Salles, along with City of God‘s Fernando Meirelles, is Brazil’s most internationally renowned filmmaker.

In an audio interview posted in May ’10 on the daily Folha de S. Paulo‘s website, Strecker explains that Salles tested Kristen Stewart for On the Road after seeing her in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild (2007) and long before Stewart became a star as a result of the Twilight Saga movies, adding that TRON: Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund was a complete unknown when he was tested for the role of Dean Moriarty.

Strecker then asserts that Salles couldn’t find financing for On the Road at the time because no one wanted to back a film featuring unknowns such as Stewart and Hedlund.

He also claims that Stewart caught her own agents off-guard when she announced on Oprah that her next project was going to be On the Road.

Slated for release in 2011, On the Road also stars Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, and Viggo Mortensen.

Photos: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment); TRON: Legacy (Disney Enterprises)

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amywhite -

I am literally dying for a picture of Dean and Marylou. Kristen’s new hair color is beautiful. So many people are looking forward to this movie. It must be so exciting for the actors to be on set with Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Salles, filming one of the literary greats.

I already knew that Kristen had the potential to be a Hollywood breakout star and she continues to impress me. Garrett Hedlund is another one to watch. It’s good to finally see some young actors that I think will be around in the future. The list is short.

Iann -

I am very happy for movie On the road because I liked the book.
Of course, Stewart will do it excellent!:)

sonia -

I´m DYING to see how Garrett, Sam and Kristen will be playing their characters, particularly Garrett who was lucky enough to get the most iconic role of a generation, Dean Moriaty, a part even Marlon Brando wanted to play. I just can´t wait!

annie -

This film is one of the most antecipated movies for 2011 already. I´m so curious to see how Walter Salles, a subtle and poetic director will hadle the numerous raw sex scenes it requires.

Rosa Cardoza -

I’m excited for the cast. I just saw the pictures of Garrett, Kristen, and Sam in Argentina. They look the parts and now I have a visual. They are going to rock their parts.

Walter Salles was named one of the top 40 directors of all time in some UK magazine. He is a great filmmaker. I know that in his and Jose Rivera’s hands, the movie will be a gem. Oh, and since no one has said it Walter is very handsome. Kristen, Kirsten, Amy, and the other girls are lucky to be surrounded my such good looking men.

felicia -

garrett are you nice to kids text me back

felicia -

hi garrett i love you

Karla -

this is stupid. Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city. And there’s much more than assault. She may be prettier than many American cities!

sue -

very captivating actress. she has alot of potential. can’t wait to see her play along with
garrett hedlund! this movie needs to be released

James -

They increased theater counts just to reach the $300 Million mark? Talk about cheating. Won’t catch ‘Inception’ pulling that cheap move. It will get to $300 Million the good old fashion way: it will earn it fair and square.

KristenNation -

Even with that ugly wig, Kristen was awesome. She owned every scene. Those indies helped her acting and it showed. For me, she is the only reason to see this. I’m glad it was a success because she said Twilight allowed her to do WTTR and it’s probably the reason she can take a pay cut for On the Road.

Betty Ellyn -

And worth every penny it earned. It was a great movie and Rob looked gorgeous in every frame.

Anastasia jude -

send mii the pics

Jane -

Fantastic for Summit and for Rob, Kris and Taylor

aola -

I loved Eclipse, so happy that movie made it way to fans!

catrina -

now, what would be interesting to know is if new moon foreign figures would stay on top if the eclipse foreign total would get adjusted for inflation as well?! a year ago e.g. the euro was so much stronger than the american dollar, now the euro has weakend. i guess that means with a stronger dollar of course the worldwide total cume of eclipse is lower counting in dollars, but i don’t think the movie sold much less tickets.

pixie -

I didn’t mind the first movie, but things went to hell pretty fast – and the last one was intolerable! I can only imagine R.Pattinson is ruing the day he signed up for this franchise. Hopefully he won’t have to spend years trying to prove himself a better actor than the role that made him famous.

andrea -

kristen is the best actress i ever see in my life.

rockart -

This movie is going to be pure and utter crap because the book is. Bill Condon cannot save what Stephanie Meyers wrote. That birth scene was horrendous. Edward mutilates Bella’s womb to get the baby out. I wouldn’t call him a concerned father. He tries to get Bella to abort, when that doesn’t work he offers to let her have sex with Jacob so she can have kids. It’s just mind boggling why Stephanie Meyers wrote such a bad ending. I laugh when I see how many children book awards this has won.

All of Twilight seems to be in Louisiana. Kristen is filming On the Road in NOLA. Kellan was also in NOLA. Now Melissa and Bill are in Baton Rouge. Forget L.A. Louisiana is the new place for celebrity sitings.

aola -

It should be intense ;)

Jesse -

I would imagine they would have to change the “battle scene” quite a bit. I know I wasn’t the only fan incredibly disappointed by the anti-climactic final “battle” of Breaking Dawn. The build up to it was great and the post “battle” scenes should play very well on-screen. So all they really need to do get imaginative and have some serious action scenes instead the strictly dialogue-driven scene.

ldaa -

I loved Eclipse :)

Kstewrocks -

I’m so jealous. I’ve been trying to get a picture and autograph with Kristen for years. She has so many fans and so little time. It was nice of her to sign for fans in the snow. She could have not gone outside. That’s why we love her.

ldaa -

yes she is Argentina and on fan sites there are a lot fan photos from there :))

she is awesome

kstewfan -

The people who count, such as producers, directors, etc. in show biz have nothing but good things to say about Kristen Stewart.

They have all praised her talent, professionalism, and work ethic.

She will have a long career and I am a fan who supports her other work besides Twilight. I saw the Runaways. Kristen did a fantastic job as Joan Jett. Her performances in Welcome to the Rileys has already been praised.

I look forward to Kristen’s future projects including On The Road.

rsd -

Andre: there no mass protest because the problem is not as intrusive as you think. Again, I lived there 15 years. Also because, regardless of the socio-economical disparities, the Brazilian people is the happiest in the world.
And PatriciaY: the Brazilian branches (and that of other countries) of American corporations are the only ones currently reporting profits — therefore financially supporting their American counterparts. Read more.

PatriciaY. -

Kristen Stewart is the tenth highest paid actress according to Forbes and she’s the youngest person on the list. I saw her in The Runaways and am now a fan. She has the acting skills to go really far. I’ve gone back and watched some of her movies and I can honestly say she’s only getting better. No wonder so many Academy Award winners have good things to say about her.

PatriciaY. -

Good. Has no one noticed that America is broke? There are plenty of places in the Gulf that will work. They’re filming the movie in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Use a place close by and give jobs to Americans. I get sick of these big time American movies not supporting the U.S. economy.

Andre -

Without foreign coin, however, those big American movies wouldn’t get made.
If everyone around the world thought like you do, Hollywood would go broke rather rapidly.
It’s good to remember that as well.

lanny -

To monique

Well not many support her but for example box office result of her movies befor Twilight in total are not small!

She was there but Twilight made her just more famous.. I think that she does not have more support now, she is the one who gives support..

rsd -

Apathetic?!! And you are pathetic! I lived in Rio for 15 years and was never as much as mugged. I was, however, mugged during my first year living in Miami Beach, at 11 p.m., 3 blocks from my building; my husband was stabbed in the face. Most of the crime you reported in Rio happens in the shantytowns (or slums as you call them); it is mostly drug and gang-rivalry related. People who spend time in Rio actually love it. It’s a marvelous city indeed. Besides, there are hundreds of little (very safe) islands and beach towns surrounding Rio (Buzios -love it, Sao Pedro da Aldeia, Macae, Jaguanum island (my favorite). And no, there are no places in the world that have the same energy and sensuality. Maybe Bahia (Salvador, Bananal island…), also in Brazil. The only problem, though, is that Stephenie got it wrong in the book. It is winter in Brazil, in August…and it is very cold and windy. Edward and Bella would not want to get naked on the beach, let alone swim at midnight…

Andre -

“Apathetic?!! And you are pathetic!”
I *knew* I was gonna get this…
Now, sensual they may be, but I certainly haven’t heard of any mass protest/movement to change Rio’s sociopolitical situation.
And nearly 5,000 murders per year in the state of Rio should be seen as a *calamitous* issue, no?

Huh? -

South America? Why? The honeymoon? Come to Florida there’s lots of pretty beaches to film. Less murders. LOL

kells -

Kristen has gotten most of her roles because of Into the Wild. She turned a small part into a star making role. I hope she works with Sean Penn again and I’m sure she will. Her Twilight fame helps get her smaller movies financed. After she mentioned OTR on Oprah, the news spread like wildfire and filming began a few months later.

Kristen’s mix of well acted indies and the heroine of a worldwide phenomenon are perfect for her career. Walter Salles chose well because Kristen has become a huge star and Garrett is on the cusp of superstardom. Then when you add the rest of the cast and a good script you get something special. I hope Kristen, Garrett, and Sam are having fun in Argentina this week.

monique -

but the sagas pay the most,and if kristen she could it away rumor have it summit is paying those three 100 million each

monique -

yes darling but i know she made lots of movies but as she said for herself how many people used to support it not many!because to me the cakeaters is the best film kristen made so far i liked georgia

lanny -

I allways say but people dont get, Kristen get’s new roles not because of Twilight.

Movies she has done after Twilight, she got the role much before saga.

Into the wild is her real break through moment.

She is very good actress and much beyond Twilight.

Ella -

Anna and P.T have it about right. No one messes with Robsten fans, I think they’re even able to haunt your dreams!

I used to think Nsync was HUGE… that was just child’s play. The day anyone effs with the Twi-hards and lives to share their story, is the day I’ve offically seen it all. lol

lann -

I love Twilight so much! People dont understand it, It’s ok but I dont like when they insult people who like movies and books.

Anna -

Because Twilight fans are younger, smarter and more tech savy than the fans of those other stars (who are usually older). Like P.T. says, these fans will hunt you down, email the fan sites to get on your butt and just make your life hell if you try to screw them over. Just try writing a negative article about Robsten and you WILL feel the power of the fandom. If they find a virus, they will get on twitter and tell everyone not to click on it.

P.T. -

Have you seen the Twilight, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart fans? They would hunt you down. A friend of mine did a story about disliking Twilight in a practically unknown blog and he got so much hate mail and comments that he took the post down.

The government should send the Twilighters to find Bin Laden. All you have to do is tell them Edward and Bella or Robsten are in danger.


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