'Valley of the Wolves - Iraq': Anti-American Film a Hit in Turkey

Valley of the Wolves - Iraq

Kurtlar vadisi - Irak / Valley of the Wolves - Iraq by Serdar Akar"It is rabidly anti-American, and it is the biggest draw in town.” That's the headline of Sarah Rainsford's BBC article on the Turkish blockbuster Valley of the Wolves - Iraq, directed by Serdar Akar, and adapted from a successful local TV series by Bahadir Ozdener.

In Valley of the Wolves, Turks are shining heroes whereas Americans firebomb mosques, execute innocents, and deal in organ trafficking. The film stars Necati Sasmaz, Ghassan Massoud, Billy Zane, Berguzar Korel, and Gary Busey.

Here are a couple more quotes on Valley of the Wolves - Iraq:

Baha Güngör in the Deutsche Welle:

“The most expensive Turkish movie of all time, Valley of the Wolves, does nothing to contribute to an inter-cultural dialogue. It can neither be interpreted as pro-European nor deemed to promote the integration of Turks and Muslims in Germany or other EU countries. But that was never the film's intention.”

Via The Jerusalem Post / The Associated Press:

“'We are speaking out against the war, the occupation and the human rights violations,' [Bahadir] Ozdener told reporters in Berlin, where three theaters are currently showing the film. 'We in no way wanted to exploit prejudices.'"

There's more detailed information on Valley of the Wolves in the Turkish Weekly.

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4 Comments to 'Valley of the Wolves - Iraq': Anti-American Film a Hit in Turkey

  1. hanonn

    necati is the best actor in the world, i really love him and i wish to meet him in istanbul in aperil 2010.

  2. Muhammad Usman

    i think it represents the truth.those who say that there is false propoganda against america in the movie,i want to ask them america is there for what 'weapons of mass destruction' or 'let me do the job for destruction of masses'.Have we found it yet 'weapons of mass destruction?' in IRAQ.the people sitting in america have no idea what actually is going on they just need an money,ass and a bear and they will be satisfied.The ameicans are not really aware because there government(most governments) do all these things by way of 'DECEPTION'.but truth stands out clear from error but if we give it a chance but everyone is busy in his bread & butter and cannot afford it to give a chance to it until he himself is affected.that selfishness.

  3. Administrator

    I'll look into it. I'll post whatever I find.

  4. Yosi

    Do you know if or when “Valley of hte Wolves:Iraq” will have Los Angeles Distribution and with whom?