Venice Film Festival Horizons Sidebar, 'Vinyan' Tsunami Horror Images

2008 Venice Film Festival - Horizons Sidebar

Souleymane Sy Savane, Red West in Goodbye Solo

Ramin Bahrani Goodbye Solo – USA, 91'

Souleymane Sy Savane, Red West, Diana Franco Galindo

A Erva do Rato by Julio Bressane, Rosa Dias

Julio Bressane, Rosa Dias A Erva do Rato – Brazil, 80'

Alessandra Negrini, Selton Mello

Melancholia by Lav Diaz

Lav Diaz Melancholia – Philippines, 450'

Roeder Camanag, Angeli Bayani, Perry Dizon

Puisque nous sommes nes by Jean-Pierre Duret, Andrea Santana

Jean-Pierre Duret, Andréa Santana Puisque nous sommes nés - France / Brazil, 90'


Un Lac by Philippe Grandrieux

Philippe Grandrieux Un lac – France, 90'

Dmitry Kubasov, Natalie Rehorova, Alexei Solonchev

Women by HUANG Wenhai

HUANG Wenhai Women - China / Switzerland, 102'


Oleg Dolin, Irina Utanayeva in Wild Field

Mikhail Kalatozishvili Dikoe Pole (Wild Field) – Russia, 104'

Oleg Dolin, Irina Utanayeva

Mirko Locatelli Il primo giorno d'inverno (The First Day of Winter) – Italy, 88'

Michela Cova, Mattia De Gasperis, Andrea Semeghini

In Paraguay by Ross McElwee

Ross McElwee In Paraguay – USA, 78'


Z32 by Avi Mograbi

Avi Mograbi Z32 – Israel / France, 81'


Bahman Motamedian Khastegi (Tedium) – Iran, 76'

Asghar Nejad, Ghavi Bal, Moghaddam, Sayanpoor

Voy a explotar by Gerardo Naranjo

Gerardo Naranjo Voy a explotar – Mexico, 106'

Maria Deschamps, Juan Pablo De Santiago, Daniel Giménez Cacho

Jean-Marc Barr, Nathalie Richard in Parc

Arnaud des Pallières Parc – France, 149'

Sergi Lopez, Jean-Marc Barr, Nathalie Richard, Laurent Delbecque, Delphine Chuillot

Jay by Francis Xavier Pasion

Francis Xavier Pasion Jay – Philippines, 96'

Baron Geisler, Flor Salanga, Coco Martin

Los Herederos by Eugenio Polgovsky

Eugenio Polgovsky Los Herederos – Mexico, 90'


PA-RA-DA by Marco Pontecorvo

Marco Pontecorvo PA-RA-DA – Italy / France / Romania, 100'

Jalil Lespert, Evita Ciri, Daniele Formica

Gianfranco Rosi Below Sea Level – Italy / USA, 110'


L'Exil et le royaume by Andrei Schtakleff, Jonathan Le Fourn

Andreï Schtakleff, Jonathan Le Fourn L'Exil et le royaume – France, 165'


Emily Tang Wanmei Shenhuo (Perfect Life) – China / Hong Kong, 97'

Yao Qianyu, Cheng Taishen

Zero Bridge by Tariq Tapa

Tariq Tapa Zero Bridge – India / USA, 96'

Emran Tapa, Ali Muhammed, Taniya Bhat


Orizzonti - Events

Laura Angiulli Verso Est – Italy / Bosnia and Herzegovina, 70'


Predrag Matvejevic, Hatidza Mehmedovic, Alessandra D'Elia

Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto ThyssenKrupp Blues – Italy, 73'


Mimmo Calopresti La fabbrica dei tedeschi – Italy, 90'


Valeria Golino, Monica Guerritore, Luca Lionello, Silvio Orlando, Rosalia Porcaro, Vincenzo Russo, Giuseppe Zeno

Daniele Di Biasio Soltanto un nome nei titoli di testa – Italy, 52'


Carlo Di Carlo Antonioni su Antonioni – Italy, 55'


Antonello Sarno, Steve Della Casa Venezia '68 – Italy, 39'


Matt Tyrnauer Valentino: The Last Emperor – USA, 96'


Valentino Garavani, Giancarlo Giammetti


Fabrice Du Welz's Vinyan, which was screened out of competition at the 2008 Venice Film Festival, stirred some controversy because the psychological thriller deals with the aftermath of the 2005 tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people. Starring Emmanuelle Béart and Rufus Sewell, Vinyan follows an European couple who travel to Southeast Asia in search of their young son, supposedly one of the tsunami's victims. The mother, however, believes the boy still lives but has been kidnapped. Once there, instead of kidnappers the couple find supernatural goings-on.

Cinefantastique has given Vinyan two rave reviews. (In French.)

Screenplay by Du Welz, Oliver Blackburn, and David Greig. Also in the cast: Julie Dreyfus and Borhan Du Welz.

Vinyan is scheduled to open in France on October 1.


Emmanuelle Beart in Vinyan

Vinyan by Fabrice Du Welz

Emmanuelle Beart, Rufus Sewell in Vinyan

Emmanuelle Beart, Rufus Sewell in Vinyan

Rufus Sewell in Vinyan

Vinyan by Fabrice Du Welz

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  1. amelie

    Goodbye Solo should have been in the competition. It was by far the best acting in the film festival. Souleymane Sy Savane gave a performance that I hope will win him awards. For now, I just hope that people will get the opportunity to see this amazing film!