Warren Beatty & Dustin Hoffman, Keith Carradine & Mark Waters: AFI Tribute

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Dustin Hoffman, Keith Carradine and Mark Waters attend Warren Beatty AFI Tribute

Dustin Hoffman, Keith Carradine, Jane Fonda, Dyan Cannon, Diane Keaton, Mark Waters, and Elaine May were some of the Hollywood celebrities who spoke at the 36th AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony, which was held at the Kodak Theatre on June 12, '08 in Los Angeles. Warren Beatty, known for his movies, romances, and politics, was this year's honoree.

Among Beatty's numerous film accolades in the last 47 years is his Best Director Academy Award for the political drama Reds (1981), about idealist American communist John Reed. Overall, Beatty has been shortlisted for a total of 14 Academy Awards in various categories – acting, screenwriting, directing, Best Picture (as a producer).

His four Oscar nods for acting were for the following:

  • Best Picture nominee Bonnie and Clyde (1967), produced by Beatty.
    Dir.: Arthur Penn.
    Cast: Warren Beatty. Faye Dunaway. Gene Hackman. Estelle Parsons. Michael J. Pollard.
    Winner: Rod Steiger for Norman Jewison's In the Heat of the Night.
  • Best Picture nominee Heaven Can Wait (1978), produced by Beatty.
    Dir.: Best Director nominees Warren Beatty and Buck Henry.
    Cast: Warren Beatty. Julie Christie. Charles Grodin. Dyan Cannon. James Mason. Jack Warden.
    Winner: Jon Voight for Hal Ashby's Coming Home.
  • Additionally, Warren Beatty and Elaine May were shortlisted for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.

  • Best Picture nominee Reds (1981), produced by Beatty.
    Dir.: Warren Beatty.
    Cast: Warren Beatty. Diane Keaton (as John Reed's lover, American journalist Louise Bryant). Jack Nicholson (as Eugene O'Neill). Maureen Stapleton (as Emma Goldman). Paul Sorvino. Edward Herrmann. Gene Hackman. M. Emmet Walsh. Ian Wolfe. Jerzy Kosinski. Max Wright. R.G. Armstrong. William Daniels. George Plimpton. George Jessel as himself. Silent film veteran Bessie Love (The Aryan, Dress Parade). Uncredited: Miriam Margolyes.
    Winner: Henry Fonda for Mark Rydell's On Golden Pond.
  • Additionally, Warren Beatty and Trevor Griffiths were shortlisted for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar.

  • Best Picture nominee Bugsy (1991), which Beatty co-produced with Mark Johnson and Barry Levinson.
    Dir.: Barry Levinson.
    Cast: Warren Beatty. Annette Bening. Ben Kingsley. Harvey Keitel.
    Winner: Anthony Hopkins for Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs.

Warren Beatty's last film was Peter Chelsom's costly critical and box office bomb Town & Country, costarring Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Nastassja Kinski.

Warren Beatty's women

Besides his movies and his support for the (generally) more liberal-minded elements within the United States' Democratic party, Warren Beatty is also famous – or notorious, depending on your take – for his romantic liaisons.

Below is a partial list of his alleged sex/romantic partners – impossible to say, really, how many of these affairs were p.r.-engendered deals or rumor mill creations, or even who was the conqueror and who was the vanquished.

Natalie Wood. Leslie Caron. Joan Collins. Julie Christie. Diane Keaton. Britt Ekland. Jane Fonda. Carly Simon. Isabelle Adjani.

Goldie Hawn. Brigitte Bardot. Michelle Phillips. Bianca Jagger. Raquel Welch. Stella Stevens. Daryl Hannah. Madonna.

Warren Beatty has been married to Annette Bening since 1992.

His sister, Shirley MacLaine, won a Best Actress Academy Award for James L. Brooks' Terms of Endearment (1983). She is also known for her one-woman shows and books on Hollywood and Atlantis (via her past lives).

Warren Beatty photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for AFI.

Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman has been featured in movies since 1967, when he made a huge splash in Mike Nichols' counterculture blockbuster The Graduate – in a role initially intended for either Robert Redford or Warren Beatty.

Hoffman has received seven Best Actor Academy Award nominations, winning twice – Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Rain Man (1988):

  • Wag the Dog (1997).
    Dir.: Barry Levinson.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Robert De Niro. Anne Heche. Kirsten Dunst.
    Winner: Jack Nicholson for James L. Brooks' As Good As It Gets.
  • Rain Man (1988).
    Dir.: Barry Levinson.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Tom Cruise.
  • Tootsie (1982).
    Dir.: Sydney Pollack.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Jessica Lange. Teri Garr. Charles Durning. Bill Murray. Geena Davis. Dabney Coleman. Sydney Pollack. George Gaynes. Estelle Getty. Cameo: Andy Warhol.
    Winner: Ben Kingsley for Richard Attenborough's Gandhi.
  • Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).
    Dir.: Robert Benton.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Meryl Streep. Justin Henry. Jane Alexander.
  • Lenny (1974).
    Dir.: Bob Fosse.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman (as Lenny Bruce). Valerie Perrine.
    Winner: Art Carney for Paul Mazursky's Harry and Tonto.
  • Midnight Cowboy (1969).
    Dir.: John Schlesinger.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Jon Voight. Brenda Vaccaro. Sylvia Miles.
    Winner: John Wayne for Henry Hathaway's True Grit.
  • The Graduate (1967).
    Dir.: Mike Nichols.
    Cast: Dustin Hoffman. Anne Bancroft. Katharine Ross.
    Winner: Rod Steiger for Norman Jewison's In the Heat of the Night.

In 1987, Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty costarred opposite Isabelle Adjani in Elaine May's epoch-making box office disaster Ishtar.

Two decades earlier (actually, in early 1968), they both vied for Best Actor Oscars, ultimately losing to Rod Steiger.

Dustin Hoffman photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for AFI.

Keith CarradineKeith Carradine.

Keith Carradine

The son of horror B movie legend John Carradine, and brother of David Carradine and Robert Carradine, Keith Carradine (born Aug. 8, 1949, in San Mateo, California) has been featured in about 50 movies since his debut in Robert Altman's anti-Western McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in the title roles.

Notable Keith Carradine movies include:

  • The controversial – child prostitution – Pretty Baby (1978).
    Dir.: Louis Malle.
    Cast: Susan Sarandon. Keith Carradine. Brooke Shields. Frances Faye. Antonio Vargas. Diana Scarwid. Barbara Steele.
  • The ensemble drama Welcome to L.A. (1976).
    Dir.: Alan Rudolph.
    Cast: Sissy Spacek. Keith Carradine. Geraldine Chaplin. Sally Kellerman. Lauren Hutton. Harvey Keitel. Viveca Lindfors. Denver Pyle. John Considine. Diahnne Abbott.
  • Best Picture Oscar nominee Nashville (1975).
    Dir.: Robert Altman.
    Cast: Shelley Duvall. Barbara Harris. Geraldine Chaplin. Keith Carradine. Lily Tomlin. Ronee Blakley. Barbara Baxley. Ned Beatty. Karen Black. Michael Murphy. Scott Glenn. Jeff Goldblum. Keenan Wynn. Cameos: Julie Christie. Elliott Gould.

Keith Carradine won a Best Original Song Oscar for “I'm Easy,” which he composed for and sang in Nashville.

Keith Carradine photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for AFI.

Mark WatersMark Waters.

Mark Waters

Director Mark Waters' handful of film credits include:

Mark Waters photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for AFI.


AFI Lifetime Achievement Award website.

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